Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to Track 8

I always said I would never have a blog.  I thought they were super silly and that it was some sort of online journal inviting others to read all your thoughts and feelings.  In the last year, I was proven wrong. So wrong. I got HOOKED on reading design blogs.  It's my little escape and to me is just the same as reading a magazine.  More than that, though, I think it can be a great medium for more than just entertainment, and am really looking forward to writing and sharing more about us, and hearing from all of you!

You might be wondering why the blog is called Track 8.  Kemi had suggested a few months ago that we start a blog.  I really wanted to come up with a unique name.  "The Ndolo Family" or "Kemi and Corinna" just wasn't going to cut it! I thought about it for weeks! One night, Kemi and I were talking about our wedding day.  While we were planning our wedding, we had joked that the song playing when we walked in to our reception should be Michael Jackson's "Black or White." Kemi grew up listening to Michael Jackson, and told me that he could remember what the track number was for most of Michael Jackson's songs.  He told me the first time "Black or White" appeared on an album, it was Track 8.  I thought, that's it! We'll call our blog Track 8. And this family's blog was born :)

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