Tuesday, July 5, 2011

His and Hers Design Style

Last night I was looking through my "inspiration living rooms" file and showed Kemi a few rooms to see what he liked and didn't like about each room.  Men's and women's styles are so different! Here's what he had to say about each:

Me: "What do you think about this one?"
Kemi: "I like that one."
Me: "What do you like? What don't you like?"
Kemi: "I like the pictures."
Me: "Gallery wall?"
Kemi: "Sure. And I like the coffee table. The chairs look uncomfortable. And I don't like glass lights."
Me: "Lamps?"
Kemi: "Ok."

Me: "What do you think of this room?"
Kemi: "I don't like the big piece of wood."
Me: "The side table?"
Kemi: "Ya."
Me: "Oh. That's my favorite part."
Kemi: "And I don't like the tiles."
Me: "Oh, that's a rug that looks like tiles."
Kemi: "Even worse."

Haha! Sometimes our tastes are so different.

Me: "What about this one?"
Kemi: "I hate all the furniture. I like the wood floors, I like the ladder as a decoration. I like the fireplace."
Me: "So you don't like the sofa?"
Kemi: "Hate it."
Me: {sad face}

Kemi: "Ok! Now we're getting somewhere! Sofa: love! Painting: love! Bookcases? Ladder? Framed art? Love!
Me {Smiling}
Kemi: "Orange chair? HATE! Ottoman legs? HATE! Rug? HATE! Wicker chair? HATE! I'd light it on fire."

Kemi: "Uhhhhhh...I like the sofa, but not the arms."
Me: "The nailhead trim?"
Kemi: "Yes. I like the chairs because they match the couch. I hate the rug. I hate the coffee table. I hate that weird basketball."
Me: "The footstool?"
Kemi: "Yes. I don't like the naked art."
Me: "Do you like the color scheme?"
Kemi: "No."
Me: "The big throw pillows?"
Kemi: "No."
Me: "But you love the deer, right?"
Kemi: }Laughing and returns to his Gun Bros. game}

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