Saturday, July 2, 2011

Laundry Room Renovation

We've recently completed a two month long renovation on our laundry room/pantry.  Originally, the laundry room was in an unfinished room outside.  Kemi was really concerned about it because I had to go outside at night when he was out of town to do laundry.  So, closing in the laundry room and making it a part of the house was really important to him.  It ended up a million times better than I thought it would, and I am so thankful to have the extra storage space! 

This is pretty much what things looked like before.  This is a day or two into the project, so the contractors had already ripped off that wall.

Here it is during the project:

And finally finished:

So much storage...

We love our new front load washer and dryer!

Initially, I scared our contractor. Truly. I had no idea I'd turn into such a CRAZY lady about this renovation.  I guess I felt like, we've worked sooo many extra hours, scrimped and saved to be able to do this, so I want it to be a certain way. 

Anyway, I first thought I wanted the pantry to look exactly like this:
Image via design sponge

But then I realized we are real people who have half eaten bags of chips and jars of pasta sauce and it just isn't going to be pretty. I really had to talk myself down off this one.

Part of the room is the washer/dryer and laundry area and the rest is BIG BEAUTIFUL SHELVES. Just two walls of storage.  Aahhhh. Storage has been a commodity in our little house, but no more. It is so nice! Besides that, I've been learning a lot about couponing through The Krazy Coupon Lady and when I find a great deal on something (like, FREE) I'm stocking up so we don't have to buy that product again for a few months.  Thankfully, I have more shelving and storage now than I can probably fill anytime soon!  Now, back to my domestic duties.

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