Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Ndolo Family is Growing

That's right folks! A few weeks ago, I saw this:

After several months of seeing one line, I was over the moon to finally see two! 

I've always thought one of the really fun things about being a woman is getting to know this special news before anyone else, and having the option to share the news in a really fun, creative way.  

Since Kemi and became engaged, I had thought about how I would share this news with him, if we were blessed with children.  Kemi's favorite book as a child was the poem "Wynken, Blynken and Nod." When we began trying to conceive, I bought an old copy of the book online and hid it away for when that day came.

Having a positive test that morning, I took the book with me to work and planned to go afterwards to wrap it and bring it home to Kemi that evening.  When I called him on my way home, he said he was having a rough day and was anxious for me to come home.  I told him I had a little present for him that would improve his night.  When I got home, I gave him the box.  He opened it, and was a little confused by the book.  When I told him "I thought you could read that to your baby" he just stared at me, stunned for a few seconds! Then started a lot of "Are you serious!?" and "how long have you known this!?!"  We were both thrilled and immediately called our parents and siblings to share the news.