Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby N's Gender Revealed

A month or so ago, we saw this great idea for a gender reveal party. Have any of you heard of this? We thought that sounded like so much fun! Of course, we had to wait f-o-r-e-v-e-r for baby's, ahem, parts to be developed enough to see on the ultrasound.  A few days ago we had our ultrasound, and the technician was able to see the sex of the baby and wrote it down on a piece of paper.  We took it immediately to the bakery (the same one that made our wedding cake!) and picked it up the next day!  All day Tuesday at work I was dying to get home and get the party started! 

Kemi had been saying since day one that he KNEW we were having a girl.  I went with boy, just to keep it interesting.  However, each of us had had dreams about having daughters, and all the "old wives tails" pointed to girl, so I should have known.  Kemi cut into the cake, and....ta da! Pink!

We couldn't stop smiling, and I think for both of us, it makes use feel like we know the baby in a more intimate way now.  We feel so blessed to be parents and have a daughter! We can't wait to see her face to face and share our life with her. 

Baby N is growing...18 weeks!

A bell pepper! Six inches long, and eight ounces! Wow! A lot changes in a week, I guess!

Last week, we went to Columbia, Missouri to be with Kemi's mom for Thanksgiving.  Kemi's brother was there as well.  It was great to just hang out and spend some time with family.  The day after Thanksgiving, I had this insatiable hunger, which I of course blamed on pregnancy.  I ate a FULL plate of Thanksgiving leftovers. Then I ate pizza. No joke. I could not be stopped.  Kemi said it was the most he had ever seen me eat.  So this week of pregnancy brings a rounder, and much fuller belly.  And to think I was worried there wouldn't be room in there for Turkey and baby. Hah.

Baby N is growing...17 weeks!

17 weeks in and baby is the size of a turnip!

This kid is growing! I've been feeling the baby a little, I think, but sometimes I'm afraid I'm imagining it.  I know it's still pretty early to tell, so I'm not worried.  I feel really good right now...all the morning sickness and food aversions are gone, and I'm not quite as sleepy as I was, which is really nice.  I have a little bit of a bump, too :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby N is growing...15 weeks!

I thought that I'd like to keep a record here of each week of the pregnancy...not only regarding the development of the baby, but how I'm feeling, what I'm experiencing, etc.  I don't presume to think anyone reading this really cares, but I'd like to have it written down so we can go back and remember this time.  I'm starting a little late, though!

Baby N. is currently 15 weeks developed, and rockin.  They say at this stage, our jellybean is actually about the size of an apple!

This sort of blows our minds.  I don't think I'm showing tooooo much yet, but the fact that there's a four inch baby in there is pretty crazy.  So far, I'm feeling really great...I don't have any nausea or morning sickness anymore, and I'm getting some energy back.  I can even stay up until 9:30 sometimes! Ha!

I can't tell if I've felt the baby move or not yet. I think it's probably wishful thinking.  They say you usually don't feel it on your first pregnancy until 17-20 weeks, but sometimes I feel like I'm being flicked from inside my stomach. Weird.

I really want to stay in good shape throughout the pregnancy, and since I'm no longer having any sickness, I'm trying to take this opportunity (you know, before I'm huge) to workout.  It definitely isn't happening as often as it should though.  With Kemi only home three evenings a week, and me working 60+ hours a week, I'm soooo tired in the evenings, and I just want to hang out with him.  But, I know it's important, so I try to force myself.

We're planning to go back to Missouri to visit Kemi's mom for Thanksgiving, and then the following week, find out whether this sweet little apple-baby is a boy or a girl! No preferences on our part, by the way!  Really! I think we both see the fun things about each gender, and will be excited either way!  We'll keep you posted.

How we announced our pregnancy to the world (er, Facebook)

with a little tomfoolery....