Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby N is growing...15 weeks!

I thought that I'd like to keep a record here of each week of the pregnancy...not only regarding the development of the baby, but how I'm feeling, what I'm experiencing, etc.  I don't presume to think anyone reading this really cares, but I'd like to have it written down so we can go back and remember this time.  I'm starting a little late, though!

Baby N. is currently 15 weeks developed, and rockin.  They say at this stage, our jellybean is actually about the size of an apple!

This sort of blows our minds.  I don't think I'm showing tooooo much yet, but the fact that there's a four inch baby in there is pretty crazy.  So far, I'm feeling really great...I don't have any nausea or morning sickness anymore, and I'm getting some energy back.  I can even stay up until 9:30 sometimes! Ha!

I can't tell if I've felt the baby move or not yet. I think it's probably wishful thinking.  They say you usually don't feel it on your first pregnancy until 17-20 weeks, but sometimes I feel like I'm being flicked from inside my stomach. Weird.

I really want to stay in good shape throughout the pregnancy, and since I'm no longer having any sickness, I'm trying to take this opportunity (you know, before I'm huge) to workout.  It definitely isn't happening as often as it should though.  With Kemi only home three evenings a week, and me working 60+ hours a week, I'm soooo tired in the evenings, and I just want to hang out with him.  But, I know it's important, so I try to force myself.

We're planning to go back to Missouri to visit Kemi's mom for Thanksgiving, and then the following week, find out whether this sweet little apple-baby is a boy or a girl! No preferences on our part, by the way!  Really! I think we both see the fun things about each gender, and will be excited either way!  We'll keep you posted.

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