Thursday, December 29, 2011

Evangeline's Nursery

This past Friday, Kemi and I started working on the nursery.  It was even all his idea (which of course just made me have a crush on him even more).  We had to start by removing all the junk boxes of priceless memories before we could do any of the "fun" stuff.

This is what we started with, although I didn't take a "pre-junk" picture

We learned (ok, I learned. Kemi probably already knew) that for, like, .97 a piece at Home Depot you can replace all the "almond" colored outlets with fresh white ones, and new white outlet covers.

It's the little things, I tell you.  A little change, but I think it makes a big difference.

Kemi added a dimmer switch to the light switch in the nursery, for those late-night feedings.

We hung this old, gold chandelier I've had forever that Kemi has tried to throw out about 153 times and I've had to save from the Goodwill pile.  It's gone with me from house to house and I really wanted to use it in my baby's nursery one day.  I won that battle by a hair (Kemi wanted a ceiling fan), but once it was hung, Kemi ended up thinking it looked really cute.

We had bought a plain brown letter "E" from JoAnn's and wrapped it in aqua blue yarn.  Kemi hung it up on the wall, and it looks pretty cute!

And TODAY, a giant box came in the mail....
With this inside:
 I love it! I had seen this guy online and fell in love, and Kemi's sister Gozie was super generous and sent it for the baby.  So cute!
 He can watch over Evie as she sleeps!

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