Sunday, January 29, 2012

Awkward and Awesome This Week

-Sometimes when Evie kicks, it feels like she's falling down a flight of stairs.  It's almost uncomfortable.  Thump, thud, thwack.
-When I asked Kemi what the onomatopoeia for falling down stairs was (so I could type the above "awkward" moment) he said "I dunno, let's check." and disappeared. I thought he was going to google it. Instead he laid down on the couch, rolled off, and said "thump, thud, thwack."
-Going to the gym, parking, going upstairs, getting on a treadmill, only to realize I'm wearing flip flops. Curse you, pregnancy brain.  Of course I went home and didn't go back. By then, it's like, meh.

-Getting so much done in the nursery this week. SO MUCH. I feel very accomplished.
-Going up north (Flagstaff) with Kemi for a conference for work. It was so nice to get out of the house, stay in a  hotel, and do nothing together.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am most certainly a worrier. I have spent so many sleepless nights up thinking about something, considering every avenue, every possibility, every what-if.  A worry that can easily creep in? This one....

As weird as it sounds, especially when we talk about growing old together, that I get so deeply sad, and I can't imagine being left alone.  It makes me feel silly to admit it, and of course I don't like to dwell on it. I'd much rather have a more carefree attitude and enjoy our time.  It really has to be the very worst feeling. Kemi hates to talk about it, so sometimes I just squeeze him and say "don't let anything bad ever happen to you, ok? I can't live without you." And he always laughs and says "don't let anything bad ever happen to you, either!"

When I saw this blog post this week, it was cathartic to read, knowing others have the very same thoughts from time to time.  In a way, it's really a beautiful thing and reveals to me the depth of our love together.  I try to be aware to never, ever take Kemi for granted.  The way he makes me laugh pretty much every minute of every day, the goofy emails he sends me every day to make me smile, that he makes the bed each day because he knows I like it but won't do it myself. The way he watches for the car at 5:30 and comes out to the driveway to carry my bags in when I get home in the evening.  Every day! Remembering that our time is a gift makes me listen, really listen, when he's telling me about a dream he had, or explaining a new thing going on with work.  I think it's too easy, especially in marriage, to stop paying attention to your partner with the same wonder and adoration you felt when you were dating. But it's the day to day stuff that makes the marriage, and the little ways we love each other daily that makes it an epic love.  And it's the little things I'd miss the most...hearing what he dreamt the night before, seeing his name in my inbox every day with a silly video sure to make me laugh, or seeing him and Marley come out to greet me in the evenings.  There is great freedom in having no control, and having to trust God to give and take away as He sees fit, and knowing that I can only submit and offer myself to His will and know that it is far superior to my own.  Now with our daughter coming, I feel so content and exceedingly blessed knowing that without our marriage, she wouldn't be, and she (and our future children, God willing) will always be our best thing ever.  Check out this essay by Anna Roiphe on her husband's last words.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Awkward and Awesome This Week

-On Saturday morning, Kemi wakes up and tells me about the dream he had killing bad guys, bombing stuff, and saving my life (duh). I tell him "wanna know what I dreamt about last night? Cheesecake. ALL NIGHT LONG."
-All these baby kicks, though amazing, can be downright uncomfortable sometimes. Nobody told me that! I'm super thankful and delighted by every single one, because they mean our girl is healthy, but sometimes, it's like "what are you doing in there?!"

-Fulfilling that cheesecake craving. On the couch. Just me, HGTV, and a fork.
-Watching football on the couch in my jammies with Kemi all weekend. many "awesome" things have to do with the couch...
-Going shopping with my mom and sister and hitting the king of all sales at Gymboree. Evangeline has some dang cute stuff in her closet right now.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

25 Weeks-an Eggplant!

Our little lady is now 25 weeks in the womb and doing awesome.  Our doc says we're boring patients because there's not much to tell us.  We're both healthy, growing the way we should, and getting ready for the big day.

Baby updates:
Evangeline is now a mini-version of the gal she'll be born as.  All her organs are in place, and everything is formed down to her eyelashes!  We just have to wait for her to chub up.  She's about a foot long, heel to head, and a pound!  So, actually a little bigger than this eggplant :)

Corinna updates:
I feel really good still, which I'm thankful for.  I have occasional back pain, and am still getting up four times a night to pee, but other than that, I can't complain.  She's kicking A TON these days, and it's really fun to feel her moving in there.  I feel like I know her already.  And I definitely haven't been shy about making sure everyone around me feels it too...I've been grabbing coworkers hands and slapping them on my stomach when she's doing tae kwon do practice.  I don't think anyone's too weirded out yet...

Training for Two

I'd like to say that throughout my pregnancy, I've done a great job of staying in shape.  Truth is, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've been to the gym in the last month.  I make myself feel better by remembering that I work 60-70 hours a week, and probably 59.9 of those hours are spent chasing children.  It's still important to me to stay in shape, however, and doc says not only can I continue cardio AND weight lifting, but he'd recommend it.  I wish I could continue running, but...very honest moment coming up here...running while pregnant makes me feel as if I could lose control of my bladder AT ANY MOMENT.  Truly.  I will pee three times before getting on the treadmill, fire that baby up, and immediately feel as though I will likely wet myself any second.  It's really awful and one of those freaky body things nobody tells you about before you get knocked up.  Soooo, I've been walking 3 miles or so uphill, and continuing to do weights.

Don't ask why Kemi takes pictures of me at the gym. He takes pictures of me doing a lot of random things. Evidence: 
My only consolation is that he'll do the same to Evangeline and we'll have tons of family photos.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Recent Projects

The past two weeks, we'e been weekend warriors here at the Ndolo homestead, turning out project after project for the nursery.  We finished the bookshelf and got it in the room.  Here's the before shot:

And after:

We also bought an Ikea daybed on CL, which I of course wanted to paint. If we buy one more thing that needs to be painted Kemi might lose his mind.

I wanted to try to love the daybed in black so we put it in the nursery, set it up (by that, I mean Kemi set it up) and put some bedding on it. But no.  It needs to be white.  So out it came and Kemi started spraying it. It's a good thing he loves me.  By the way, the blue fabric on the pillow is a fabric I might make into pillows for the daybed.  The purple pillow is one that was on my bed when Kemi and I were dating the first time around. He stole it and kept it at his house.  Three years later, we get back together, and guess what pillow is still on his bed? Cute, huh? Ah, love stories.  Anyway....

We also picked up this dresser on CL.  I love the girly turned legs.  We're planning to put a changing pad on top and use it as a changing table, and that way it can stay in her room for a long time, as opposed to buying a changing table that only serves one purpose.

So this big guy is getting painted white and maybe a little "distressing." Not totally sure yet.  I'd love it to look like this one, but don't know how:
What do you guys think? Any suggestions?