Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Awkward and Awesome This Week

-On Saturday morning, Kemi wakes up and tells me about the dream he had killing bad guys, bombing stuff, and saving my life (duh). I tell him "wanna know what I dreamt about last night? Cheesecake. ALL NIGHT LONG."
-All these baby kicks, though amazing, can be downright uncomfortable sometimes. Nobody told me that! I'm super thankful and delighted by every single one, because they mean our girl is healthy, but sometimes, it's like "what are you doing in there?!"

-Fulfilling that cheesecake craving. On the couch. Just me, HGTV, and a fork.
-Watching football on the couch in my jammies with Kemi all weekend. many "awesome" things have to do with the couch...
-Going shopping with my mom and sister and hitting the king of all sales at Gymboree. Evangeline has some dang cute stuff in her closet right now.

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