Saturday, January 14, 2012

Recent Projects

The past two weeks, we'e been weekend warriors here at the Ndolo homestead, turning out project after project for the nursery.  We finished the bookshelf and got it in the room.  Here's the before shot:

And after:

We also bought an Ikea daybed on CL, which I of course wanted to paint. If we buy one more thing that needs to be painted Kemi might lose his mind.

I wanted to try to love the daybed in black so we put it in the nursery, set it up (by that, I mean Kemi set it up) and put some bedding on it. But no.  It needs to be white.  So out it came and Kemi started spraying it. It's a good thing he loves me.  By the way, the blue fabric on the pillow is a fabric I might make into pillows for the daybed.  The purple pillow is one that was on my bed when Kemi and I were dating the first time around. He stole it and kept it at his house.  Three years later, we get back together, and guess what pillow is still on his bed? Cute, huh? Ah, love stories.  Anyway....

We also picked up this dresser on CL.  I love the girly turned legs.  We're planning to put a changing pad on top and use it as a changing table, and that way it can stay in her room for a long time, as opposed to buying a changing table that only serves one purpose.

So this big guy is getting painted white and maybe a little "distressing." Not totally sure yet.  I'd love it to look like this one, but don't know how:
What do you guys think? Any suggestions?


  1. Hey! You have to talk to Tiff about distressing - we painted dressers white and then she had some "distressing" paint that we just sponged over the white to make it look antique-y. It was so fun and easy!

  2. I'd say maybe sand the top and stain, then paint and distress the bottom. :) I love the room! Too cute!