Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


-When the woman from Department of Health Services stops by for her "surprise check-in" on the day you have three staff out sick and every student happens to be losing their mind at THAT VERY MOMENT. Oh, and did I mention that I'm in the bathroom with a kid who's pooing, and said child is sitting on the toilet, gets a gusher of a bloody nose (while sitting on the toilet with their pants down), child starts screaming at the sight of their own blood, I'm trying to stop the blood, when DHS lady pops her head in? Yep. "Hi! Welcome to our school! Everything's under control here! I'll be right with you!" I said in my prettiest Director voice, and tried to keep my head from exploding.
-Dreaming that I won a grammy for a song I performed in the movie "The Help." Ya, it makes sense. Comon.
-Dreaming that the doctor brought the baby in to me and she had blue eyes and red hair and no one would believe me that they mixed up my baby with someone else's. "Have you SEEN my husband?!" Whew. Scary.


-Feeling Evangeline get the hiccups for the first time! It felt like tiny rhythmic kicks, but it was too timed to be actual kicks. Unless this girl has INCREDIBLE rhythm...nah, she's my kid. Let's be real here. The best part was, it was the first night Kemi was back after traveling and he got to feel it too!
-Kemi remembering that I wanted "birthday cake remix" from Coldstone and bringing it home.  I think it tasted even better cuz he remembered.
-The tiny shoes that came in the mail for Evie.  The only thing better than new shoes for me is new TINY shoes for Evie. Oh, did I mention that they match Kemi's gold shoes? I'm in love with our little family.

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