Monday, February 20, 2012

Nursery Update

It's time for another nursery update! Probably the last one before the final "reveal." I know you're all waiting with bated breath. Ha!  Our favorite house project of all time has undergone a lot of recent changes.

I wasn't entirely sure what direction to go with the nursery, at first.  I had found a LOT of pictures I liked, but wasn't sure how to put together the different aspects I liked about each.  Until I found this picture!
I LOVE the colors, and the fact that it's gender neutral.  I wanted the room to work for the next Ndolo kid, if we happen to have a boy next.  I also really didn't want the room to be tooooo sweet or babyish.  I am not into the idea of changing things out once our baby girl is a big girl (which I'm told happens in the blink of an eye).  I also am not a big fan of "matchy matchy." I wanted to buy things that I would still like and think are cool in a few years, not just buy an entire room set from a baby superstore.  There's nothing wrong with that, I just know myself and I would get sick of it really quickly.  I also really liked the challenge of trying to re-create the look of this room on a super tiny budget.

We decided to leave the walls of the room the gray-tan they already are.  Our entire house is painted that color (Valspar "wheat bread", if you're curious).

I fell in love with the art in this nursery, by Matte Stephens on Etsy.  Really, I now love all his art.  Check it all out here.  I loved the elephant painting, especially since it had an "e" for Evangeline.

Kemi loved the art too, but said why spend $60 when I could paint the same thing myself.  It felt like a really lame thing to do, but I did it anyway :/

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I like that we were able to customize ours to include a brown girl in the picture :)


THEN we got to our dresser project.  If you don't remember, here's our "before" shot:

I decided I wanted to paint the dresser white (Benjamin Moore "White Dove" if you really wanna know) and the drawers a really pale aqua color.  That way it would pick up the colors in the paintings, but not be too babyish.  Also, the crib is white, so I thought it would look best to keep all the furniture white.  I was really interested in using chalk paint but didn't want to buy it (are you catching on that this is an extremely budget conscious decorating project?)  So I found a recipe on Pinterest to make your own.  You just add some white unsanded grout to regular flat paint.  At first, I was really doubtful, but once it dried, I really liked the look.  It kind of makes it look antique-y, like it was painted decades ago.

I wanted to rough it up a little bit and make it a little chippy, so I took a medium sanding block to all the edges where I thought there would naturally be paint peeling off.

Here's what it looked like all put together.  Sorry for the blurry pictures!

I had a lot of trouble deciding what to do with the drawer pulls.  The original dresser had a TON of drawer pulls on it, and in two different sizes.  I didn't like the ones that came with the dresser, and I almost did brass ring pulls like the dresser in my "inspiration room" (can you tell I hate that phrase? I just don't know what else to call it.)  BUT, I really wanted to keep the budget under control.  I found these ugly pulls at Ace Hardware for $1 each.  I bought some jute twine, and just wrapped them in twine and glued it in place.  It was really easy and I'm pretty happy with how it looks.  Plus, if I ever get bored with the look, or they fall apart, I can just replace them with the ring pulls down the road.
Check out Evie's shoe collection! This girl is so spoiled already...

Next week I'll add a "window treatment" (I also hate that phase) tutorial and a few other updates!

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