Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

At the school, my staff often tease me about how much I love when someone knows what they're good at.  I do. I love it.  I once hired a girl solely on the fact that after the interview, she emailed me to thank me for interviewing her and told me she was the right person for the job. I thought, "who am I to argue with you? Let's see if you're right!"  I encourage my staff to tell me where their talents lie, and I will find a way that our organization can use those talents.  I find it encouraging when the people I'm surrounded with have a confidence and enough knowledge of self to know what strengths they possess (and, just as important, what areas they aren't strong in and could use improving!). Unfortunately, I think many people are timid to speak up about what they are good at, and what they can offer to an employer, a friend, or a relationship.

The same is true for beauty. We aren't supposed to think we're beautiful or attractive, and we definitely aren't supposed to talk about it.  But we ARE created beautifully, our creator finds so much beauty in us, that is sure.  But just like every woman, I often see what I don't find very beautiful in myself far more than I see beauty.  Whether it's cellulite, ugly feet, or the fact that if I didn't pluck my eyebrows as diligently as I did, I would have one incredible unibrow.  These are the things I see most easily.  It's easy for me to see my sin, my areas to change, my darkness, than it is to see myself as God sees me.  Times I have felt beautiful? My wedding day. Yes, I felt beautiful on my wedding day, as every woman should.  When Kemi tells me I'm beautiful, especially when it's an "unbeautiful time" makeup-just come home from work-sweaty as a trucker sort of "unbeautiful," I feel beautiful then.

I recently read this really great essay by author Kathryn Harrison on what makes her feel beautiful, and her response to that question was surprising.  What about you moms? Do your children make you feel beautiful? Or motherhood in general? Even in the "unbeautiful" times?

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  1. Corinna, you ARE so beautiful! : ) You are kind, care about others, and when someone is talking to you, you make them feel like you're not thinking about anything besides what they're saying. You make people feel important, loved, and THAT will make you beautiful the rest of your life, even if your current gorgeousness fades over time. :)