Saturday, March 10, 2012

Awkward and Awesome This Week


-February 23rd, 2012: My bellybutton officially became an outie.  Here's hoping it goes back.
-My hypnobirthing CD. I'm supposed to meditate with it and listen to the "affirmations" but it's just so funny. (chimes twinkling in the background) "I look forward to the birth of my baby with joy and ecstasy."
-I said something about Punky Brewster at work this week and none of the younger ladies I work with knew what I was talking about. SERIOUSLY?! You guys. Punky Brewster. Made me feel so old.

-We got the keys to the new SDSA building this week! This April, we will be moving into a new 6000 square foot facility.  Our first building on our own! I'll update with pictures once we're moved in.
-Kemi pinning pictures of dresses he wants for Evie to Pinterest. It really is true: You fall in love with your husband in a new way when you see how he loves your child. To love each other, and then love another person so completely together, that's what life is all about I think.
-Me apologizing to Kemi that our diaper bag is purple and I'll need to get a neutral one for him to carry (although I love awesome Christmas gift from one of my student's parents).  Kemi: "Are you kidding me?! This is my daughter's bag! I don't care that it's purple! Look at how many diapers and wipes and bottles I can put in this thing! And it has a changing pad in it! I'm wearing this bag with pride!" I've known this guy for almost ten years, and having a baby together has revealed sides to him that have totally surprised me. And I love it.

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