Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cloth Diapering a Newborn

We bought a lot of different cloth diapers before Evie was born, not sure what type we would like best.  The bulk of them are prefolds, but I also purchased about 10 fitteds, 10 pockets, and 2 or 3 AIO's.  When Evie came home from the hospital, the nurse sent us with a whole package of disposable newborn diapers, so we decided we'd use those until they were gone.  It was helpful to just use disposables for the first few days while we settled in, and we found the prefolds rubbed her umbilical cord stump a lot.  Once those were gone, we switched to prefolds with a cover.  This cover has been my favorite, because it's just so cute!  We got it in the newborn/preemie size and it's still on the smallest snaps!
Unfortunately, after a week, Evie developed a terrible diaper rash.  I think maybe because the prefolds don't wick moisture away (they feel wet to the touch once they're wet, unlike microfiber) that contributed to the rash.  I finally decided to try some of our pocket dipes to see if they finally fit.  The first to fit was our rumparooz.
Currently we have the rumparooz pocket and two Blueberry pockets in our rotation.  Luckily our Blueberry dipes have velcro aplix closures, allowing us to get a tight enough fit.  I'd recommend keeping a couple of aplix closure dipes in your stash for times when baby is between snap sizes.  

So that's what I've learned the past two weeks cloth diapering an infant. Hopefully it's helpful to some of you new mamas!

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