Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Weekend in Pictures

Evie and I were on our own again this weekend, as Kemi was out of town.  Funny story....A few women whose husbands are also musicians started a Facebook group where we could all contribute about being "band widows." One of the women started a post entitled "You know your husband's in a band when..." One of the ladies commented that, on any given day, you don't know whether your husband is in the country or not.  It's so true! This past week, my mom asked me where Kemi was, and I honestly had absolutely no idea. I had talked to him an hour before, but I just didn't know where in the country he was! It can change daily, so sometimes I just lose track! Anyway, this was another one of those weekends.  Evie kept me busy...

Sharing some chocolate chip banana bread

Fine dining

One of Evie's first times wearing shoes! 

Her favorite thing right now is playing in our bed


We went in to the school so I could try to get a few things done. Evie was pretty happy to have some new toys to keep her busy!

Not much work happened with this girl climbing onto my desk. Anything with lights and buttons is her JAM right now.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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