Monday, March 25, 2013

Be Still My Heart!

Some of you might know Evie is not much of a cuddler. It has actually become a joke in our house, how much I long for her to cuddle me. If she rests her head on my shoulder for a split second I'm yelling to Kemi "Look! She's cuddling me!" And then it's over. It never lasts longer than a second, and really only even then does she rest her head on me if she's tired or sick.  Don't get me wrong, Evie wants me to hold her every second of every day, just not touch her. Yeah, figure that one out. Anyway, this morning, an amazing thing happened.  I heard her crying in her crib and went in to get her. She smiled so big when she saw me, basically jumped into my arms, buried her head in my chest and rested her hands on my neck. She might as well have been hugging me. She might as well have said she loved me. My heart could have burst out of my chest. And of course Kemi wasn't there to witness it, but it happened, people! It really happened. I wish time could have stood still.  It was so good for my mama heart. The best three minutes EVER. An hour later, she pushed my hand away when I tried to touch her hair and screamed when I tried to kiss her, but who cares. MY BABY HUGGED ME!

The days of Evie spending hours sleeping on my shoulder are over :(

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  1. She stiff armed me during Thanksgiving. I took it as a sign of love!