Sunday, March 31, 2013

Feeding a Growing Baby

My sister recently graduated with her degree in dietetics, and through her, I have been learning a lot about diet and the most nourishing foods for a growing baby.  For the most part, I follow the Weston A. Price Foundation diet for babies in choosing foods for Evie.  It emphasizes traditional foods, and using locally grown and organic fruits, vegetables, and animal products (eggs, meat).  It also places an emphasis on the health benefits of full-fat foods in moderation.  I think this is especially important for babies. Babies need a lot of fat in their diets for that developing brain!  I think it's been good for our family, so far. Evie eats any and everything, from Indian food to wilted spinach to sauteed mushrooms!

Kemi got a juicer recently, and has been trying lots of different juice recipes. Recently, we offered Evie some apple-carrot juice in her sippy cup and she downed it! For those of you mamas with little ones, try it! I bet your kiddos will love it! I've even found that if I make a smoothie, I'll often put two handfuls of spinach in it and Evie loves to eat that too! I'll often feed it to her with a spoon to avoid the mess. Sneaky way to get in a vegetable!

 Evie eats egg yolks almost every morning

Apple-Carrot Juice!

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