Sunday, April 28, 2013

Evie Girl

My Evie!

Now that you're a big one year old, you have opinions now.  Trouble is, I don't always know what it is you want. But you sure do! Except you can't talk much yet, so you point and yell.  Our weekends are spent with you, pointing and yelling. And with me, offering things. "This? This cup? No. Ok. This? You want the spatula? Nope. This? This? This? This?" It goes on and on. Which makes the days a bit long sometimes. And then, it's bedtime for you, I rock you, lay your sleepy head down to sleep, come out into the living room, sit down, look around, and suddenly I miss you.  I want to run back in and get you so we can play some more. Oh how I love you Evie girl.

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