Monday, May 27, 2013

A Day in the Life-12 Months

Now that Evie is ONE YEAR I thought I'd do another "day in the life" post.  Boy, things have changed since she was teeny tiny.

Today is Monday so my alarm goes off at 5:30.  Because Kemi's out of town, I have no one to pass Evie off to so I can get ready in the morning, so I have to be ready to walk out the door before she gets up, and her wake-up time is a little unpredictable, ranging from 6-7:30.

5:30 am:  My alarm goes off and I get up and shower, get dressed, and make Evie's bottle and eggs.  My mom is watching Evie this morning, so I need to pack up her bag, formula, bottles, sound machine for naps, blankets, etc.  I already prepped all Evie's food for the day last night in little containers, so that's set.  I pack my bag for work-laptop, wallet, phone, charger, and my lunch.

6:30 I hear Evie start whining in her crib. She's awake, and luckily I had enough time to get myself ready and get all her stuff packed up. I make her a bottle and head in to get her up. I love this--the first time I get to see her for the day. It's the best.

7:00 am: After feeding a bottle, changing her diaper, and new clothes, I load up Evie into the car, and make a few trips to and from the car for the million things I need to bring to my mom's house.  Look at that hair!  Dang, girl!

We don't pack light. Her diaper bag, plus her lunch, my lunch, her sound machine for naps...Yikes.

7:00 am: I drop Evie off with my mom. I hate leaving her, but if I have to leave her with someone other than Kemi, at least its family.

7:30 am: This morning, I have a meeting across town with a public school district, so I'm meeting a coworker at SDSA so we can drive together.

But before that meeting, I have an important meeting with this guy. Keurig, I think I love you.

8:00 am: We're on the freeway in rush hour traffic. In the car, we go over how the meeting should go and take the time to discuss students, the classroom, and other happenings at SDSA.

10:00 am: The meeting is over, and we race back to school.  Having one staff member gone is tough enough, let alone two.

11:30 am: My lunch break. I have 30 minutes, and I normally run home to see Evie. With Evie being at my mom's house 20 minutes away though, I don't have time today. Instead, I run home to check on the progress of the kitchen demo.  Oh yeah. We're remodeling our kitchen this week.

The kitchen is completely torn apart. I'm super excited that we're finally getting to remodel the kitchen, but a little concerned about how I'm going to get through the evening alone with Evie with no kitchen sink or countertop.

12:00 Back at school.  I'm in the classroom until 3:00 pm, when the kids leave. I have a few impromptu meetings with a few staff members after school. I call my mom to check on Evie. She says Evie is losing her mind because she won't go down for her second nap. I promise her that I'll be there ASAP.

3:40 pm: On the freeway again, this time to pick up Evie. I get to my mom's at 4:00 pm and Evie is indeed about ready to pass out.

4:00 pm: My mom invites us to stay for dinner, and I would LOVE to not try to figure out dinner in my makeshift kitchen in the living room, but I'm worried it's not fair to Evie. If I get her home fast, there's enough time for her to get one last nap without ruining her bedtime, and I know she needs it. Bad.

4:15 pm. Back on the freeway again. Evie is asleep in about 10 minutes.

4:45: We get home, and I CAREFULLY pick her out of her carseat, lay her down in her crib, and go back out to the car to bring everything in. Remember the diaper bag, laptop bag, and two lunch boxes? Yeah all that stuff.  Back in the house, I hear her. Screaming. She's awake, and not going back to sleep.

5:00 pm: Evie's up, but miserable. I look around the house and it takes everything I have not to cry too. I have to come up with something awesome for the next three hours.  It's still 100 degrees out, so taking a walk (her favorite thing) is out of the question.

5:30 pm: I sing every song, make every animal noise I know, and we play hard. These are the type of days that I really struggle with. This is the time of day I look forward to the most, because I haven't seen her all day. All I want is a magical couple hours of playing on the floor and making her laugh, but instead, she's just crabby. And there's nothing I can do about it. She just needs a good night's sleep.

6:30 pm: Bath! Luckily Evie loves the bath, so this is usually a good time.

7:30 pm: Evie gets her bottle, changed into jammies, and I put her down to bed.

7:30-8:30: I wash Evie's dishes from the day (in the bathroom sink, remember? FUN), clean out the diaper bag, and make her lunch for tomorrow. I cut up a million foods and pack tiny containers into her cooler for tomorrow, pack the diaper bag with fresh diapers, change of clothes, etc.

8:30-10: I get on my computer to work/mess around online. This is my downtime to answer emails, get any work done that I need to for tomorrow. Kemi usually calls around this time once he's done playing, and that's it, folks! All in a day's work. Whew!


  1. You are amazing Corinna! Seriously, SuperMama! Kemi and Evie are so blessed to have you! Love all the pics of Evie...she is too cute!

  2. Ps...excited to see your remodel! Post pics when it's done! :)