Friday, May 31, 2013

Little Green Pouch Review

You guys have seen those little baby food pouches, right? They're super cute, and Evie loved them when she first started eating solids.  I made a lot of her baby food too, but the pouches were convenient when I didn't have a lot of time, or we were out and about.

Recently I was in Whole Foods and saw a similar concept, but apparently for all ages. These Mamma Chia pouches are made with fruit puree, fruit juice and chia seeds. They are 100% organic, so I grabbed one for a "treat" for Evie. I froze it halfway so it was like a slush, and busted it out while at the mall with my sister. Evie LOVED it! Which got me around $1 each, I'd much rather be making my own pouches to be able to control the ingredients.

After some Google research, and reading a TON of product reviews, I found the Little Green Pouch. These little babies have great customer feedback, and were exactly what I was looking for.  They look a lot like the disposable pouches, but there is a zipper closure at the top that allows you to fill the pouch with whatever you (and baby!) want.  I love that! I'm pretty particular about what I let Evie eat, and I really like that I can get creative with hiding chia seeds, hemp seeds, spinach, kale, and whatever other nutritious ingredients I come up with.

I was so excited when they arrived. The packaging is pretty cute!

I also decided to order a four-pack of these. They are little nipples that you put on the top of the pouch so that it doesn't irritate baby's mouth. Remember eating so many Otter Pops as a kid that you'd get those tiny cuts on the sides of your mouth where the sharp edge of the plastic rubbed it? Yeah, that.

When these arrived, we hadn't eaten lunch yet, so I decided to make a smoothie for me and Evie to share.  I used a banana, frozen blueberries, frozen blackberries, a little organic grape juice, kefir, hemp seeds, and chia seeds.  I blended it all up in our Magic Bullet and poured it in the pouch. It was actually easier to pour in than I though it would be.

The Verdict: She loves 'em!
In fact, I didn't end up getting any of the smoothie because Evie downed her pouch and then drank the rest of what was in my glass.

Price:  These aren't terribly expensive, but also are not the cheapest reusable pouches on the market. They are $14.99 for four on the Little Green Pouch website. I got mine on Amazon for $19.99 for four, but I had free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime, so it was all the same in the end, and I got 'em faster.  I figure that after buying 20 disposable pouches at around $1 a piece, these little guys pay for themselves. Not to mention how nice it is to control the ingredients.

Pros: The Little Green Pouch is really well made. With the zipper at the top (other pouches put the zipper on bottom) there is little chance of an applesauce explosion.  They are a good size for older kiddos too.

Cons:  The plain green design isn't super eye-catching. I sort of wished they were clear, but then it occurred to me that some kiddos might be less likely to eat it if they can see what's inside (green smoothie, for instance!) It would be neat if they made different designs with animals or other bright patterns.  Also, they currently only come in one size, which may be too much for a younger babe. I'd suggest that they make a smaller size for small fries.

Overall, I'd highly recommend the Little Green Pouch for mamas on the go! It really works for our busy lifestyle!

Oh, and I almost forgot to show you my favorite detail:

A spot for their name! Too cute!


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  2. Awesome! Thank you Amanda! We just love them, and especially love the recipes on the website too!