Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day DIY Gift Idea

I wanted to try to make Kemi something for Father's Day and found this idea on Pinterest.  You could make something similar for any gift...it would be really cute for a baby's first birthday or a wedding photo given on an anniversary.  I followed the directions through this tutorial, and it was really simple!

First, I printed out the pictures onto card stock.  It took a few tries to get them printed in good quality, and the right size.

Next, I bought these really simple white boards from Michael's.  They were in the section that all the wood stuff is.  All I did was spray paint them black, throw on a coat of mod podge, and then pressed the pictures into place, making sure to smooth out any bubbles and wrinkles.

Then I used a fine sanding block I bought at the hardware store and sanded the edges of the paper to rough it up a bit.  Definitely don't skimp this step! This is for sure what made the pictures look cool and a little bit aged.

Finally, do a last coat of mod podge, and make sure you do thin coats. I did one really thin coat vertically, let it dry, then did another thin coat horizontally.  The first time I did it I used way too much mod podge, and the ink on the photos got runny.

Not to get toooo schmoopy, but oh, the way that man looks at his babies. Total awe.  He's a good one, guys. Kemi and I were looking at these pictures tonight and couldn't believe how BIG Evie's baby picture looks next to Celeste's. And Evie was tiny...only 6 pounds, 2 ounces at birth. Next to Celeste's one pound, one ounce, Evie looks enormous! We're blessed, that's for sure.


  1. This is awesome! The photos are gorgeous, and they look really cool on the boards. You make it sounds so easy.. I might even try it! :)

    1. Thanks, Anna Kate! I'll be honest, Kemi cried a little. We had never put both those pictures side by side.

      It was pretty easy...honestly I had to do it twice, but that's just because I put way too much mod podge on the first time.