Thursday, June 13, 2013


In case you couldn't hear the screams from your house, I was blessed to win the Freshly Picked giveaway that Anna Kate hosted on her blog this past week! I had been lusting after these adorable baby moccs for MONTHS, and had even been googling "Freshly Picked giveaway!"  So how funny that a blog I was already reading ending up having a giveaway for them.  I am so thrilled! Now to decide which color....


On the one hand, the platinum pair would go with everything, and I love the metallic....


But the practical side of me wants the Weathered Brown color, so that any future baby we might have, regardless of gender, could enjoy the buttery softness of these precious shoes.  Oh, decisions, decisions!

AND, I've been following @freshlypicked on Instagram, and rumor has it, they'll be coming out with some new colors soon. I might just have to sit on my hands until then :)

By the way, this is me right now:

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