Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From Celeste

Lately, I think Celeste has been giving me little presents from Heaven.

Yesterday, a good friend dropped by the school with flowers and a card and said she just felt Celeste telling her to bring them to me and to tell me how close she is to me always. Of course, that old familiar lump immediately made its home in the back of my throat and I started to cry, but this time, for the first time, there was sweetness in it.

Then, tonight, I made Evie her bottle and snuggled into the couch with her to feed her before bed.  After a few minutes of drinking it, she took it out of her mouth, looked straight into my eyes, and the sweetest, most giant smile crept slowly slowlllly across her face. She stayed that way, for a full minute or so, just grinning at me, without a sound. It was the sweetest thing, and really unlike any of her other faces or other smiles. It was just such a tender, sweet moment with her, I couldn't help think maybe Celeste had something to do with it. It made my heart feel light for the first time in four months to think how Celeste will always be with Evie and will watch over her and pray for her. Evie is lucky to have such a special advocate in Heaven.

Anyway, I'm feeling blessed that tonight for the first time, I can feel a little bit more alive.  Keep praying for mama and papa, Celeste. We need it!

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  1. Celeste is doing a fabulous job interceding to Jesus on your behalf. May the peace of Christ continue to find its way into your heart and soul.