Monday, June 10, 2013

Keepin' It Real Mondays

I LOVE blogs. I mean I realllly love them...I subscribe to 31 different blogs. No joke! I don't get a chance to read everyday, but when I do get to open my reader and catch up, it is my favorite way to relax. Reading blogs is what reading magazines used to be, I think!  Such a great way to get inspiration, peek into other people's lives, get new ideas, recipes, crafts, the authors and subject matter are endless.

There is one thing I have noticed about most blogs, though. Most bloggers tend to only write posts about the cool/inspirational/cute stuff going on in their life. And with good reason! I do this too. There are a lot of days that I just don't have much to write about, so I don't. You don't see the boring stuff in between the posts, because, well, it's not all that interesting.  The thing is, Some people read blogs and get down on themselves because they think their life doesn't look anything like the blogger's because they forget that they're only seeing a teeny tiny (and cute and perfect) piece of that person's life.

So, while there's nothing wrong with only writing posts about the fun and cool parts of our life, I thought in an effort to keep it real with you, and to show you a peek at the not-so-cute parts of my life, and to remind us mamas how we're united by the craziness, I'd do a weekly "Keepin' It Real" post. So for this week....drumroll.....

I gave Evangeline a tampon this week to entertain her for five minutes so I could finish putting on my makeup.

Evie weirdly loves drinking seltzer water lately!

Happy Monday!


  1. I love this! Such a great idea. I definitely tend to compare myself as a mom to other mamas way too much, so I love the idea of mamas sharing the crazy and the weird and the REAL parts of our lives! I might jump on board and do a weekly post like this my self. You could do a link up! All the mamas can link they're real life posts to yours.. :)

  2. I love that idea! Let's do it!

    1. I love it! Let's get Jenna to participate too!