Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Tiny Boss

Living with a one-year old is like living under the oppressive thumb of a tiny, tyrannical dictator. If you aren't now nodding your head in agreement, then you must have never lived with a toddler. Let me explain.

Recent Acts of Terror:
1).  It's dinnertime, and she doesn't want the miniature version you made her on her tiny adorable plate with the bunnies on it. She wants your dinner. From your plate. You finally concede, and give it to her. She throws it on the floor, looks you in the eye and says "uh oh." 

2).  Pooping in the bathtub.

3).  Shoving her adorable chubby fist in your face while clutching a half-eaten, slimy cereal bar. "Aaah!" "Aaah!" She's sharing. She wants you to eat it. You HAVE TO EAT IT.

4).  Her favorite word is "No."
"Good Morning, baby girl!" "No."
"Time to take a bath!" "No."
"Evie, I love you!" "NO."

5).  During dinner she sees you chewing, and pokes her little finger into your mouth. "Aah!" she yells at you. "AAAaaahhh!" You open your mouth (as you've been ordered to do) and show her that you're eating the same thing as her. She sticks her tiny adorable fingers in there and screams when you won't let her EAT THE HALF-CHEWED FOOD OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. Oh glory.

6).  Another new word is "up." "Up!" She demands. So you pick her up. "NO!" She wants down. So you put her down. "up." "UP!" So you pick her up. This could go on for hours.

And here's an update on the little one's weekend.  She was escorted about town to many important events. Namely, the library and Sprouts.

Her Papa serenaded her. She was delighted :)

Trying (to no avail) to figure out what this kiddo wants to eat!

Funny thing is, Kemi surprised me on Saturday morning by telling me we were taking off that afternoon for a one night hotel stay.  What did we do? Talked about our little girl the WHOLE TIME. Sure love that crazy little Fascist.

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