Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sure Beats a Tampon

Yesterday, Evie was playing with a spatula while helping me move the wash to the dryer. I turned on the dryer, wondered what the clanking was...you get it. She also microwaved a doll this week (our new kitchen has the microwave down at Evie level....post to come on the kitchen remodel!)  So I was thinking...right now she's really into putting things in other places, hiding things, finding things, opening things...ya know. So I got to thinking about how I could give her something to play with that would allow her to put things in, open things, find things, etc.

The project I came up with was really, REALLY simple. I saved an egg carton, and grabbed a handful of leftover plastic easter eggs.

Then I filled each egg with random stuff I already had on hand.  I tried to use things that had an interesting texture or sound, and used a lot of different colors. You could of course use just about anything, but not all my little "surprises" were safe for Evie to play with on her own, so I just made sure to supervise. If you want your little one to play this independently, obviously use items that won't pose a choking hazard.

Then I decorated the top with some random Valentine's Day stickers that were leftovers, just to add some cute.

There's nothing genius or revolutionary about this project.  It was 100% free, and I was able to throw it together in five minutes or less. What IS awesome is it kept Evie entertained for, drumroll...45 minutes! No joke. And that was only the first of three times she played with it.  That's a success in my book!

"Obo!" (Open)

I hope you all have success with this project for your little ones.  Any other ideas for contents? I'd love to hear them...I'm sure our egg carton will need some "refreshing" soon! Add your ideas in the comments!

Oh, and the best part? Sure beats entertaining your kid with a tampon...

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