Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Awkward and Awesome

This pretty much sums up Awkward and Awesome, am I right?  Grandi with her granddaughters.  Too cute.

-Evie knows one body part: bellybutton. She is VERY interested in bellybuttons, and asks to see everyone's. But unfortunately that's not the awkward part.  I was changing her diaper the other day while my sister and her 4-year old were over. Evie was crying "bebuh!" BEBUH!" for me to show her my bellybutton. Sophia said "don't worry auntie, I'll show her my bellybutton." I finish up the diaper change, look up, and my niece is showing Evie her nipple. Hmmm.

-I'm in the checkout lane at the grocery store with approximately 127 items in the cart. Holding Evie on my hip (because she decided she's over riding in the cart) and I'm going from cart to checkout lane, cart to checkout lane unloading everything one by one, left-handed...and then I realize Evie has been gently patting the older man in front of us on the back. For, oh, who really knows how long. "Oh! You're saying hi! That's nice, Evie!" as you awkwardly remove your daughter's hand from the stranger.

-Evie and I leave today to meet up in Nashville with Kemi. I can't wait to see him! It's been 12 days!

-Most evenings before bedtime Evie and I will sit on the floor of her room and read books.  And lately, she will sometimes just abruptly stop looking at the book, come over to me, and just crawl into my lap and lay her head on my legs, or put her arms around my neck. I could not love her any more.


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