Monday, July 1, 2013

Keepin' It Real Mondays

This happened right before bedtime.  Yeah, that's her binky.

Another fun one this week: While I was prepping Evie's lunch she poured a bag of popcorn on herself:

Evie LOVES to drink seltzer water.  She bullied me into giving her mine, drank some, then proceeded to put her lunch in it. Then drink it. Then, some more lunch. Then a few more sips. Kids are weird.

She also insisted I have a bite.

Her new obsession is turning the oven light on. Then off. Then on again. And then mama needs a glass of wine.  Just kidding. I'm happy to oblige...for a little while.

Did I mention my husband's been out of town for a week now, and that's only the first half of his trip?! 

Happy Monday!

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