Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nashville Vacation

Last week's Nashville vacation was such great timing.  Kemi had been traveling a lot, and it had been a busy and pretty hard few weeks trying to juggle everything on my own without him here. So, needless to say, I was anxious to have a few days off.

Evie and I flew out Wednesday morning on our own. Kemi was already in Nashville so we were meeting him there. Evie honestly did so incredibly well on the flight.  She was a total angel and I was really proud of her.

We stayed with Matt and Kristin, a couple of good friends of ours.  On the Fourth, it just so happened that we had friends (two different families!) traveling through Tennessee on their way to summer camps for their kiddos. Everyone congregated at Matt and Kristin's for a big barbecue and party.  And I mean big...there were 22 kids and 21 adults! It was SO much fun, and great to see lots of friends we hadn't seen in a long time. And of course, Evie was in heaven with so many kids to play with.

Evie had lots of "helpers" at the party to look after her :)

The next three days it rained. Every day, all day. We didn't really mind it a bit though!

The next day, Kemi and I were able to sneak out while Evie napped for a little coffee date. It was so nice (and sooooo needed) for Kemi and I to be able to just spend an hour alone, and actually have a conversation, face to face, just the two of us.

Kemi, Evie and I went up the street in the pouring rain the next day to experience Jeni's, the world's BEST ice cream.  Really! It's award winning, so of course I HAD to break my diet to try it out.  Delicious!

These two, just breakin my heart all the time.


A big part of the purpose for our trip was to spend some time with Kemi's dad. He hadn't seen Evie since she was seven or eight months old, so we were definitely over due for a visit.  It was really special for us to get this time with him.

Sunday morning we met some friends for breakfast and the Pancake Pantry...apparently the most popular breakfast joint in all of Tennessee, because there was a line down the street for a table! We waited for 1.5 hours!  

Waiting for pancakes is tough.

Sunday was Kemi's birthday (29!), so we had a very casual get together with friends for cake, and then Kemi and I took off that night for dinner while Matt and Kristin stayed with Evie and Conor.

 All in all, GREAT trip!  Can't wait to visit again!


  1. Corinna,

    You are so incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing all about your life. You seem like such a holy, loving, balanced, woman--so I hope it's okay if I pick your brain a bit. I was re-reading this post (eekk, I just love your blog so sometimes I re-read your posts...) and I saw that you said that for the ice cream you had to "break your diet." I totally trust you as a mother who cares for her body as well as her family's and who is grounded in the Lord so I was just wondering if you could share bit of ways you like to eat healthier. I really want to have more of a healthy everyday lifestyle but it's hard not to fall for the "crash diets" you see online or on tv. Especially as a college student there is so much pressure to "look the part" and I am just ready to forget the endless diets and to embrace healthiness. Could you shed a little light on this?

    1. Hi Renee!

      Thank you for the kind words. I rarely if ever seen myself as any of the traits you mentioned...I always see the impatience, selfishness, and definitely not balanced! Haha! But that's the walk we're all on, isn't it?

      Yes, I said "break my diet" but I'm not on any set diet plan. I too am not real big on prescribed diets. I've never done a fad diet, or any diet really. I try to have everything in moderation...although I LOVE coffee, red wine and chocolate so I never give those up! My main goal lately has to just been to lose my baby weight so I can be my healthiest self.
      My sister is a dietician. If you're interested more in food/diet you can read her blog, Basically, I'm just a big believer in eating "whole foods." We try to primarily eat a plant-based diet (lots of fruits and veggies, beans, nuts and seeds) and we eat meat 2-3 times per week. I don't shy from fat, but it has to be good fat-like the type found in avocados, nuts, and healthy oils (olive oil or coconut oil are great!) I also try hard to not consume artificial anything...sweeteners, dyes, etc. I don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying a treat-a brownie, or ice cream-as long as I know what's in it, and that it's not full of preservatives and junk! I'd really encourage you to read Delia's blog and even contact her on FB (Delia Salas) if you want some ideas for cooking healthy meals as a college student! Maybe I'll have her guest post too and write more about it! Hope that helps, Renee!