Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Motherhood is Teaching Me

Parents always say that having a toddler really makes you slow down, and how true it is!  Some things Evie has taught me lately...

A summer rain shower  IS sort of amazing.

Photo by Nina Leen
It turns out I don't COMPLETELY hate to dance. At least not with Evie. And it's totally liberating...you can just let your freak flag fly and bust out the weirdest moves, cuz who cares?! And Evie things I'm hilarious.  Lately after dinner, we've been putting on some music and rockin out.  Evie especially likes anything Doo-Wop-y.  A few of our favorites are thisthis and this one. I dare you to turn up some Temptations in your house and keep from busting a move!


  1. Now that's a YouTube sensation just waiting to go viral...or at least Matt's next video? ;) They definitely teach us to loosen up, huh? Love reading your stories - thanks for always being so transparent.

  2. Motherhood is a GREAT teacher! I wrote a post about that a while ago, if you're interested.


    Your girl is so precious!