Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Essentials: Hospital Bag

My sister is expecting her second daughter any day now, and we have several other girlfriends who are in their third trimester! There are babies about to be born everywhere I look!

Recently, one friend was asking me for my hospital bag must-haves.  I started thinking about it, and realized I did have some unique items I either brought with me to Evie's delivery, or wished I had!  So I thought I'd compile my list of Hospital Bag Must-Haves for you all.  I left off all the obvious ones...hopefully you wont' forget to bring a toothbrush and clothes to wear home ;)

1. Boring Granny Panties
The hospital will provide you with underwear, but they are super weird stretchy mesh. I found them to be really uncomfortable because they kept sliding down. I say just bring a pack of cheap, ugly granny panties that are a bit big, but comfortable.

2. Milkmaid Tea
I brought this with me to the hospital and made a cup of it right after Evie was born. I wanted to make sure my milk came in and I had a really good supply.  I made 2-3 cups of it while I was in the hospital and continued to drink it once I got home. I don't know if it's effective or not, but I liked the taste, and never had issues with my supply.

3. A Going Home Outfit
Bring something special, of course, but practical too. Newborns need to be in cozy, soft clothes. Take into account that the umbilical cord will still be on, and you're going to need to get that babe buckled into a carseat.  So don't pack a gown!

4. Sanitary Pads
Do not forget these, whatever you do. The hospital will provide you with pads, but they are GIANT. They truly are almost identical to an infant diaper.  You'll be much more comfortable if you bring whatever type you prefer.

5. Scratch-Free Mittens
Newborn nails are like tiny razor blades, and they grab their face constantly! These little mittens worked great for us to prevent Evie from scratching her little face.

6. Snacks
Don't forget this one either! Evangeline was born at 3:26 am, and I had been in the hospital since 6:00 pm the night before.  I didn't eat dinner, and by the time she was born, I was STARVED. The cafeteria was closed, so I had to wait until 7:00 am or so to order breakfast. Definitely bring lots of snacks, vitamin water, etc.

7. Flip Video Camera
This is a camera we use a lot, and I'm so glad that we didn't forget it on our way to the hospital. Kemi filmed me in the car on the way there, and walking through the hospital to the L&D department. I'm so thankful I have that to show Evie our intense anticipation and excitement of her arrival. Not to mention the videos I have of her just minutes after she was born. That's priceless.

8. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets
Don't even get me started on these. We have four and use all of them. They are the best!  When Evie was born, we used them to swaddle her, to throw over the car seat or stroller, to lay on the floor to play on, as burp cloths, everything. They are a necessity.

9. The Good Camera, if you've got one.
If you have a nicer-quality camera, or can borrow one, it's definitely worth having, for obvious reasons.

10. Nursing Bra
Bring a really comfortable nursing bra. It's not like you're going to be running anywhere, so support really doesn't matter. It just needs to be comfortable and functional. I have heard over and over that the Elle Macpherson ones are the absolute best (although they're pricey!)

11. Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter
I am a big believer in "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This stuff is made from cocoa butter, and smells a little bit like cocoa beans.  It is totally natural for baby to consume, so you don't have to wipe it off (unlike lanolin).  I put this on religiously after every feeding, and never had...issues.

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