Monday, September 30, 2013

Toddler Fall Essentials

Evie is growing like a weed right now, and it seems like her clothes fit her one day, and not the next. She definitely needs a few things for the winter, so I've been compiling my wish list, of course!

Some of these items are things I've already ordered, others are things I just love!

1. See Kai Run Sneakers
Evie doesn't have a pair of sneakers yet. She has worn her beloved Saltwater sandals alllll summer long. She also has her moccasins, which she adores. Kemi thinks she needs a sturdy pair of sneakers though, now that she is at the school every day, running and playing on the playground.  I bought this pair from See Kai Run for $10 on clearance.

2. Circo Leggings
I love the $5 Circo leggings, especially the black and white stripe! I think they look so cute with Evie's moccasins, and you can't beat $5! The hard thing about buying pants for Evie is that they really don't fit well over her cloth diapers, so that's where leggings come in.  I am a little worried that they won't be warm enough on those few really cold mornings we get, so I may have to figure something else out.

3. Ankle Socks
She'll need some ankle socks to go with her sneaks, so I picked some up at Old Navy this weekend during their 40% off sale.

4. Onitsuka Tiger Kids
Kemi was OBSESSED with Onitsuka Tiger sneakers for the LONGEST time. He literally had them in 30 different colors. So he of course wanted Evie to have a pair. I think they'll actually be cute with sweats!

5. Mini Boden Anorak Jacket
I once heard that the Swedish, whose kids play outside all year, have a saying: "there's no bad weather, only bad clothing." I am big on Evie spending time outdoors, so I want her to be able to do that all winter.  I saw this jacket from Mini Boden and sort of feel like Evie needs a real jacket this winter. We can get away with hoodies here in Phoenix most days, but what about for those days-especially early mornings-that it's actually really cold? I don't know...what do you moms think who have done winters before with toddlers?

6. American Apparel Hoodie
I picked up this hoodie for, like, $10 on clearance. I think it'll be just right for everyday, all day.

7. Freshly Picked Moccasins
I won a pair of the Elk Hide Freshly Picked Moccasins, and they're cool because the leather is actually a bit thicker than the other moccs.  I really like them and think they look so cute with leggings!

8. H&M Long Sleeved Tee 
I'm not a big believer in spending a lot on kids basics. I'll spend more on something super special, or a brand I know I can resell and get a good amount of the money I paid back (like Mini Boden on Ebay).  I know Evie will just quickly outgrow basic tees, so I'm cool with these really affordable H&M ones.


  1. Target has fleece lined leggings in the sock/tights section.... $5 I think... Maybe that will help on the colder mornings? Just a thought from one mom to another :)

    1. Thank you so much Dina! I will definitely check those out!