Monday, October 21, 2013

Keepin' It Real Monday

Evie and the Altoids.

Anyone else have toddlers that are just little weirdos?

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some pictures from a month or so ago of Evie sleeping with a tin of Altoids. Well, the other night, she was sick, so Kemi went to Walgreens for some ice cream for her (I KNOW! He's such a softy!) and came home with ice cream...and Altoids. And my beautiful little weirdo chose the Altoids. And I know what you're thinking. "Oh, she doesn't actually eat them." YES. She does. By the handful. It really is a problem! She insists on carrying that tiny tin around, opening and closing it, eating a few, trying to ration them out to herself like some kind of tiny addict. And then she spills them. Altoids go flying, she's get it.  After one evening of pulling Altoids out of the couch cushions, dusting them off, putting them back in her tin and declaring them "all better!" I looked at Kemi and made him swear no more Altoids. Never ever again.

Notice she's choosing Altoids over pancakes. Also note that half of them are in her lap.


  1. Haha she's such a little weirdo. But don't worry, so is Emmett. Last night he walked around with a sock tucked under his chin and a huge smile on his face for like an hour. Maybe he thought it was a scarf like mama? No idea, but he loved that silly sock wrapped around his neck.

  2. Cuuute. Aw, who isnt a fan of them -
    suya maybe?

  3. Be glad its Altoids and not gum. I used to be a major gum chewer, which made Sophia very interested in gum. It got a little messy....glad we phased that out finally!