Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gift Giving Guide: Toddler Edition

Mini Book of Names and Faces
This is my number one pick for Evie this Christmas. She is always asking us to hold her up next to family photos on the wall so she can point to each person as we name them. This book is a bit pricey, but I think it's something special she will absolutely love, and something we'll keep forever.
We've been wanting this one for a long time.

Evie LOVES these tiny rockers whenever we're at a friend's house that has one. I like that it comes in a gender-neutral color too, for future Ndolo kids.

Kid's Table and Chairs
We've been enjoying having friends with kids over for dinner once in awhile, but we never have enough seating for the little ones. I think this cute little table and chairs fits the bill. It's cheaper than the Ikea set, and has amazing reviews.

Blabla Knit Animal
Sad story: These were on a flash deal site a while back, and were an amazing price. I had one in my cart, and debated for too long whether I should purchase it. You know where this is going. They sold out so incredibly fast, and I missed my chance. I know they're ridiculously expensive, but they are SO precious, aren't they?! I just love shopping for Evie, even if it's window shopping. I love these little dolls.  My picks? Mirabelle the Bunny or Josephine the Elephant.

I think Evie could get into this!

Wooden Jungle Animals Set
Evie's been into animals for awhile now, and these are so cute I could display them in her room on her shelf too!

What about you guys? Any toddler gift ideas?

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  1. Great list! I love that little book- I've been wanting to make one for Emmett since before he was born. Time to get on it! And the t-shirt and bowling set are so awesome!