Monday, November 25, 2013

Keepin' It Real Mondays

Hey guys!

Sorry I forgot to post my Keepin' It Real post last week. It wasn't for lack of "real" mom moments, believe me!

So what's going on with us, you ask? Well...

Kemi's been out of town for a week, so getting out the door with Evie alone every morning has had it's...challenges.  I kind of lost my game with Kemi off the road recently, and forgot how much planning it takes to get out the door with her every morning by 7:40. Not to mention what we're packin':

2 Breakfasts (hers and mine)
2 Lunches (hers and mine)
5 cloth diapers
1 Macbook and charger
2 Sippy Cups
1 Water Bottle
1 change of clothes (hers)
2 Elmo dolls
2 (at least) blankies
2 (at least) binkies

The other day I pulled in to work with Evie in tow, and took a quick look in the rearview mirror before going in. Good thing I checked:

I had put my hair up with a bobby pin to wash my face and put on makeup and planned to brush it, and just forgot.

But don't worry, because we had time for this charade. Evie found her infant car seat in the office and insisted that it sit next to her in the car with her bear in it.  Love this girl, even when she's just such a toddler.  That's perfectly motherhood, isn't it? I'm wearing a tee shirt with peanut butter on it and she's got a pristine Mini Boden outfit on with coordinating tights. I forgot my cell phone at home but we remembered her infant car seat and bear.  Oh, this girl just owns me. 


  1. She's amazing!!! Hahahaha you're such a good mama. So selfless and good to her. Let me babysit sometime soon so you can go get a manicure or something. :)

  2. She is amazing! Hahahaha I love her. You're such a good mama- so selfless and loving! Evie is a lucky girl. Let me babysit sometime soon so you can go get a manicure or something. You deserve it!