Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nine Months, and an Untold Story

Today marks nine months since Celeste went to Heaven.  We would have a five month old.  We miss her every day.

Several months ago, I was babysitting my niece for a few weekdays while I was on a school break.  One day while she was at my house, she and Evie were reading books in Evie's room.  Sophia chose a book about the Saints, and wanted me to read the story about Mary.  We read about Mary being Jesus' mom, and that she was very sad when he died, but she was happy again when he came back three days later.

A few hours passed, we ate lunch, played with toys, and out of nowhere, Sophia said, "Auntie, when is Celeste going to come back?"

Like a kick to my stomach.  And I knew she had been thinking about the Mary story.  I didn't know what to say...I wanted to be honest with her, but not scare her... I told her Celeste wasn't going to come back, that Jesus wants her to be in Heaven with Him. We looked at pictures of Celeste, and I showed her that Jesus wanted us to just get to see Celeste for a little bit, and then he needed her to come back to Heaven to look after all of us and pray for us.  We talked about God having a special plan for everyone, and that that was God's special plan for Celeste.  I assured her that Jesus wanted her baby sister to grow big and strong, and that she wouldn't go to Heaven for a very, very long time.  She seemed satisfied with that, and not upset, but man.  Trying to explain something to a child that I don't understand myself was just so hard.  I don't know how I'll explain it to Evie as she grows.  I worry about being honest and transparent with her, but not upsetting her.  Celeste, show me how.


  1. I think the way you handled it with Sophia was perfect. When Evie begins to ask questions, I know that God will put the perfect words on your lips to help her understand. Love you sister.

  2. I agree with Delia! You handled it perfectly. You always show such grace Corinna, and I know you'll know just what to say when the time comes with Evie. Pray for your mama, sweet Celeste!