Monday, November 4, 2013

You're a Good Mama

I read this article recently through Cup of Jo, and it really got me thinking. How much would it mean to have another mom tell you you're doing a good job? And not an off handed "I don't know how you do it" but a real, look-you-in-the-eyes "You are a good mama. Your babies are lucky to have you" kind of moment.

I saw this video recently and it broke my heart. Why are we so hard on ourselves? I think we could all stand to hear more of the "good mamas" and fewer of the critical voices in our own heads screaming about sleep training, food dyes, and who knows what else!

I am blessed to have an amazing woman (and a great mama in her own right!), whom I have known for years, look after Evie at the school during the day while I work.  She is always so affirming to me, and truly one of the most heartfelt, genuine women I know. She instituted these really great "About My Day" sheets to keep me updated on what went on with Evie while she was in her care. Sometimes she includes the sweetest notes, like this one:

So what do you guys think? I dare you to tell one mama that she's doing a great job this week! She might look at her shoes and mumble something, but I bet it will change her whole perspective!


  1. What an awesome friend to leave you notes like that! It probably makes your day. Especially after long days of working! She's right- you're an awesome mama and Evie is so lucky to have you!

    1. Thanks AK! She is awesome! She has been a huge blessing and is always smiling and uplifting me when I need it most.

    2. And Emmett is lucky to have such a cool mama as you! It's no coincidence that he's still a happy guy when he's sick! You're doing a great job with him!

    3. Welp, tears. Thanks for saying that. Mmmmwah!

  2. Such a great perspective, beautiful lady :) Thank you for the reminder to be that for each other! You are an incredible mother.

  3. You are ALL great mamas. (Comments above!) I follow all these mom blogs (all you ladies who commented above), simply because I long to be a mom from the bottom of my heart. I see so many moms being so hard on themselves on their blogs, so much "mom guilt", so much focus on the failures, difficulties, challenges. Not saying that that's bad - (or that you do that :) - but I read these and think that you all are so hard on yourselves! You are doing something so challenging, difficult, emotional, and important - and doing it beautifully. Please know that you are blessed to be a mama, and that Evie is blessed to have you as a mama. You are doing a beautiful job.

    Just one single gal's perspective :)