Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Julep Maven Box Review

YOU GUYS! Best deal ever! $2.99 for $40 worth of beauty products from Julep!

1. Go here and go through the steps to become a Maven member
2. Go through the quiz, or just click "Show me all the styles."
2. Choose whichever box you'd like. I chose the "Classic" box, which includes two really pretty summer nail colors, mini nail files, and a full-size pore-minimizing blush.
3. Enter the  promo code FREEBOX at checkout
4. Pay only $2.99 for shipping!
5. Don't forget to cancel your membership, or you will be charged for the following month!
6. Enjoy your box of $40 worth of beauty products (for just $2.99!)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Currently {Vol. 3}.

Once again, I'm linking up with the mamas from A Mama Collective, and Anna Kate from Home Away from Home for another Currently. Since I haven't written anything in awhile, it's a good catch-up.

Thinking about:
Being a mama of two.  I've been on school break for the last week, and it's been so good for me to have lots of quality time with my girl.  I'm trying to soak it up, before we become a family of four.  It sort of makes me sad, in a way, that my days being able to give Evie 100% of my attention are numbered. I know that a sibling is something I so deeply desire for her, and I know what a blessing it will be to her, and for our family.  We can't wait to fall in love all over again with this new baby, but I will miss these days of Evie as my only only.

Weekday coffee date? Yes, please!

Reading: Uh, nothing, sadly. I'd DYING to pick up this book though!

Listening to:
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  Evie loves this song, so it's been on a lot in our house.  It's so beautiful, but sort of puts me in a nostalgic and sort of sad mood.  We've had a lot of loss this year, and it sort of makes me think of our baby girl and Kemi's dad, somewhere over the rainbow.

Watching: Nothing. Summer is a sad time for TV.  We'd like to pick up a new show, but don't know what! Any recommendations?

Thankful for:
Evie's heart.  In the past week or two, we'll catch her with her head bowed, hands folded in front of her, and eyes closed. If we ask her what she's doing she says "praying Jesus." At church on Sundays, she anxiously waits for the end when she can go sit on the steps of the altar, and then go light a candle. When we ask her who she wants to light a candle for, it's always "Grampa" or "Baby Lest" (Celeste).  I love her sweet heart.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lily Jade Diaper Bag Review

I first saw the Lily Jade diaper bags on Camp Patton and Diana Wrote, and then began seeing them all over the blogosphere. They're everywhere, I tell you! And for good reason!

Anyway, the more I saw of this amazing bag, the more I wanted to get my hands on one!  I was gifted a beautiful designer diaper bag when Evangeline was born and have loved using it for the last two years.  The only thing that proved difficult with it was the limited pockets and organization.  I was always digging alllllll the way to the bottom to find a binky, my chapstick, or a cereal bar.  When I saw the incredible organization behind the Lily Jade bags (16 pockets!) I knew I wanted to give it a try.

I emailed Landon and Megann, the husband and wife team behind Lily Jade, to see if they'd pair up for a review or giveaway.  This is the message I got back:

Hi Corinna,

I want to gift you a bag.  As I read Sarah's email to you and then read your blog posts about your loss last year and your new baby this year I felt moved to pray for you.  In praying for you I sensed the Lord wanting to bless you and remind you of some things that you probably already know.  That He alone is above all things and that He has your life and the life of your family in His hands.  So consider the bag a gift from Him.  There are no strings attached.

Send me your address and I'll send one your way.

May the light of His face shine on you and fill you will all hope, all peace, and all joy.

My eyes started to well up when I read Landon's email.  I called Kemi right away and said "want to hear a story about the kindness of strangers?!" I was so moved by their generosity and prayers.  It is such a blessing to support a business with such generous leadership and prayerful hearts.  

So on to this amazing bag!!!

I received the Caroline bag in black.  The hallmark feature of the Lily Jade bag is the inner removable "baby bag." The canvas inner compartment allows you to organize all baby's items, and then snap it in the bag.  When you leave baby with the sitter, or you want to quickly get the baby stuff out of your bag to use it as a purse for date night, you simply pull out the removable baby bag and ta-da! Instant stylish purse for mom.  It truly doesn't look a bit like a diaper bag.  I won't even attempt any pictures of me modeling the bag-not my style, and it's been done (here and here).  The inner baby bag is made of washable material, allowing it to be machine washed when milk and crumbs get all up in there like you know they will.  The outer is made of butter-soft leather, and I know it'll just look better with age, which is great because I'll be using it forever.

The inner "baby bag"
The Caroline and Madeline bags are STILL on sale right now, but rumor is that will be going, going, gone VERY soon.  Run don't walk, mamas!  

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Around the Interwebs

Helping mama "do makeups."

Do you have a swimsuit yet? If I wasn't so pregnant, I would definitely go for this one or this one

Making this for dinner this week. Because it's too dang hot.

This shirt is so feminine and pretty.

This article was a game-changer for me.

These tees are supposed to be the best out there. I want to order a few for summer.

Great mom solution for labeling sippy cups.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Currently. {Vol. 3}

Thinking about:
How to teach Evie about…body parts. Yes, for reals. She's a little a lot precocious, and has been asking about body parts. More specifically, I feel like I cannot get undressed in front of her because she's pointing at everything awkward and demanding "whas zat?"  She recently wanted me to identify a body part that rhymes with ripple and when I told her it's a "body part" she promptly lifted her shirt, identified it on herself ("body part!") and said "Papa has body part too!" Ohemgee.  I heard that there's some sort of Theology of the Body for kids, and I need to get on that. ASAP. HELP.

Evie in her "restaurant." Eating gorgonzola cheese and blackberries.  Yep.

Blogs! Especially Camp Patton lately. She is hysterical :)

Listening to:
I'm revisiting some of my old favorite chick songs from when I was single. Listening to Imogen Heap, Priscilla Ahn, Rosie Thomas, Tegan and Sara, and Tristan Prettyman just takes me back to being 22 and driving around late at night with my friend Ashlee in her old VW Jetta, windows down, summer breeze blowing, listening to girl music and talking about boys.  Sometimes I'm sentimental for those days when life seemed complicated, but was so, so simple.

New Girl. Love love love New Girl.

Thankful for:
Feeling a little more sane this week than I did last week. I'm hopeful that somehow (somehow!) by the time this new Ndolo arrives, I can have some sort of a more clear plan and life can feel a little more sane.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Evie Lately

Oh This One. It's funny how little I accurately predicted about Evie when she was born. I had her pegged as a soft, gentle, quiet little lady.  In reality, our newly-two year old is as fiery as they come. I love her sweet sass and nutty personality.

Playing in water has been #1 on your list lately.   It's the fastest way to get you out of a crabby mood, and you could sit and pour water and splash for hours.

You LOVE restaurants. At the mention of going to a restaurant you hurry to clean up your toys, run and find your shoes and shout "ready!" You could sit in a restaurant for hours and you never want to leave once we're done eating.  And you reallllly love your "sparkle water."
You've just recently gotten interested in playing with dolls, and I love to see how sweet you are with them.  You'll be a great big sister soon!

We gave you a little backpack for your birthday, and suddenly you look too big! Seeing you wear your tiny backpack breaks my heart. I'm already picturing your first day of Kindergarten and know I'll be the only one crying.

Watermelon is pretty much your main food source these days.  You can't get enough.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Currently. {Vol. 2}

Thinking about: This little one in my belly. I keep trying to predict when this one will be here, what it will look like, boy or girl, etc. We made the mistake of telling Evie our "boy name" and our "girl name" and now she refuses to call the baby anything but the "boy name." She'll be very confused if this little one is in fact a lady baby.

Reading: One Thousands Gifts. Still. It's been on my nightstand for awhile and I'm not finding as much time for it as I'd like.  I LOVE this book though! If you haven't' read it, I highly recommend it.
Listening to: Raffi and Evie's personalized Elmo CD. Yes, personalized. It says "Evie" about a hundred times a song and she is totally delighted by it. We are not allowed to listen to ANYTHING else in the car.

Watching: "About a Boy." Have you guys seen it? Kemi and I just picked it up and it's pretty funny!
Thankful for: I've had a pretty tumultuous couple of weeks, business-wise. The amazing thing about hard times is how sweet it makes the good times. I'm thankful right now for friends and family who rally you and stand behind you, especially Kemi. We have had some late nights the past few weeks, talking big-picture talks, and I am so thankful to have him as my partner in this crazy life.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

22 Weeks

This last weekend, we passed the "anxiety day" as my doctor calls it. 22 weeks, six days.  The day I delivered Celeste.  And I thought it would be hard, but instead it was sweet.  It was sweet for me to know that the baby growing in my belly is just the size Celeste was when she laid on my chest last February.

I know that the little baby in my belly has teeny tiny fingernails.

And fine little hairs tracing its head.

Tiny arms and hands no bigger than my finger.

It is so comforting and sweet to me to be able to picture that baby in my belly that rolls, kicks and punches me all day and night.  I feel so much closer to him or her knowing how those little feet look, and how those little hands curl into tiny fists.

We just can't wait to meet you, little one! August can't come soon enough!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Around the Interwebs

Isn't this pattern the prettiest?

I just bought this lip gloss and love it! It looks a little, well, purple in the tube, but it goes on really sheer and pretty! I think it would look great on anyone.  Bonus: it's super moisturizing and not really sticky. Plus, it was only $4.49 at Target.

My kids will be in good company in 2050.

Where kids sleep around the world. Fascinating.

Don't you just love these super organized diaper bags!?

Monday, April 7, 2014

One Thousand Gifts

"They say time is money, but that's not true. Time is life. And if I want the fullest life, I need to find fullest time." ~Ann Voskamp

"What was the pastor's most profound regret in life? Being in a hurry."~Ann Voskamp

I've been reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp (I mentioned it here).

To say that the words in that little book are striking a cord for me would be an understatement. The funny thing is, my sister is reading it right now too, and she says the same thing. Everyone I know who has read One Thousand Gifts says it feels as though it was written just for them.  What a wonderful thing! There is so much wisdom in the words, and I love that it speaks right to every heart it touches.

This morning I woke up at 5 am and couldn't fall back to sleep.  Finally I came out on the couch, made a cup of tea and sat down with my book. It has been so good for my soul.

If you haven't read it, I really recommend it, especially if your spirit has been needing…something.  Like mine.

In the book, the author, in her quest to discover the secret to unending joy decides to keep a running list of "one thousand gifts." As sort of a challenge, she begins to write the big and small ways God gifts her in her day to day life.

22. Mail in the mailbox
2. Jam piled high on the toast
16. Leafy life scent of the floral shop
119. Still warm cookies
783. Forgiveness of a sister

Those are a few from the author's list. I smile reading this book, especially reading a few of the items from her list. I've started writing my own list, a daily exercise in counting the blessings in my own life.  Because it's meant so much to me to read a few off Ann's list, I thought I'd start sharing a few from my list here.

1. Toddler kisses
2. Baby kicks in my belly
3. A conversation with a friend and a glass of wine
4. Warm banana bread
5. Husband's warm feet under the covers
6. coffee shops
7. Warm bed after a long day

What do you think? It's good for your heart, right? Share some of yours with me!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stitch Fix IS HERE!

It's here it's here it's here! I was sooo excited to see the FedEx guy pull up with my very first Stitch Fix box today.  Of course I immediately tore into that thing to see what goodies had been picked for me.  If you're not sure what Stitch Fix is, check out my first post about it here.

My stylist, Julie, left a really thoughtful note, congratulating me on my pregnancy. She said she selected the items she did because she thought they'd work well as maternity and non-maternity wear.  I was super thankful for that, because isn't that what we all want when we're expecting? I mean, maternity clothes are great, but anything that can be worn during pregnancy and beyond and not look like a tent is a rare and precious thing!

Here's what Stitch Fix sent for me to try:
Super cute pattern on the inside!

Street Level Benian Easy Tote with Chain Detail, $68.00
I found what made my box so heavy! This purse! This purse was soooo super cute, and the big tote style is something I would totally use.  I love the cute triangle pattern on the inside, and especially loved the extra mini bag it comes with on the inside. I think that would be great for moms. You could put all your personal stuff in the small bag and baby stuff in the main compartment, so you'd always know where to find what you're looking for.  Seriously wish I could say yes to this!  However, I'm debating pulling the trigger on a new diaper bag, so I think I'll pass.
Verdict: Sent back

Lily Morgan Printed Strapless Jersey Dress, $68.00
This one was just ok to me. The print isn't bad, but I'm just not in love with it. After trying it on, I was still not in love. I'm not much of a strapless dress kind of girl, and this one just wasn't super flattering for me.
Verdict: Sent back

41 Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan, $48.00
I liked seeing this thin open cardigan in the box, and the color is really pretty! I think it's great even for summer, just to bring to work or the movies or the mall, when the AC is blasting and it can be cold inside.  I think it's great for bringing to the hospital too, like I mentioned in this post.
Verdict: Undecided! Help!

Chris and Carol Tobey Mixed Stripe Maxi Skirt, $58.00
I really liked this as soon as I saw it in the box.  I wish the picture was better-you can't really tell that the skirt has gray stripes in it.  I think it's nice that it will match basically any shirt, so I don't have to "think" a whole lot with this one.  At first, I didn't think the stripes were flattering on my hips, and the waistband sort of hits at a weird spot. It doesn't look right completely under my bump, but if I put it in the middle you can kind of see a muffin-top situation. But, I do like that it's something I can wear both during pregnancy and after.  It's also nice that it's a stretchy jersey material, so it will still fit even once I lose the baby weight.
Verdict: Keep!

Pink Martini Devin Lace Detail Tie-Waist Maxi Dress, $88.00
I didn't love this dress in the box, but it grew on me.  I like the idea of a maxi dress, but I've never loved dresses that tie in the back. I think the style can just look too matronly on me.  Once I tried it on, Kemi liked it, but I'm not in love.  I don't love my arms right now, and I think the cap sleeve style just hits in the wrong spot.
Verdict: Sent back

Overall, this was super fun! It's soooo nice to be able to try things on in your own house, with your own shoes and accessories.  It's great to not feel rushed to decide, and to be able to show the items to your friends or significant other before purchasing.  I'm definitely a Stitch Fix believer.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In my hospital bag, the second time around

I thought it might be fun to compile a list of the items I'm making sure to bring with me in my hospital bag the second time around.  I think a lot of us first time mamas overpack for the delivery, and I wanted to give you the scoop on what I am making sure not to forget.  This isn't a complete packing list, just the items that I know I don't want to leave home without.  Hopefully you remember all the obvious stuff like your toothbrush!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter  This stuff is a miracle. I brought it with me when I delivered Evie and used it after every feeding from day one and never had an issue with chapped or bleeding nipples.  I swear by using it preventatively.

Going Home Outfit for baby  Since we don't know what we're having this time around, I thought this little bumblebee print was pretty cute! I'm still debating if I'll pack some little footed pants to go with it. We're due at the end of August, but it might be cold in the hospital too…but baby will probably be constantly swaddled, so we'll see.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets  We got a set of these before Evie was born, and since they're now her beloved blankies that go everywhere with her, we definitely are going to need a second set for the new baby.  I like this grey color since we don't know what we're having, and hopefully they're different enough from Evie's that she'll keep her paws off them and not add them to her stash ;)

Granny Panties Throw-away undies are key to being comfortable post-delivery. If you don't bring comfy panties, the hospital will give you weird mesh ones that will constantly be falling off of you. Do yourself a favor and bring cheap granny panties that you can throw away after you get home.

Pads  You will definitely need pads for a few days post-delivery, and the pads the hospital provides are ENORMOUS and really bulky.  Pack your favorite brand/size and you'll be much more comfortable.

Snacks You never know going into the hospital how many hours you'll be in labor or what time the baby will be born.  Evie was born at 3:26 am and once she was born and they got us settled in our room, I realized I was STARVING! I was famished from the hard work of labor and wanted a giant cheeseburger.  Unfortunately, the cafeteria was closed, so our only option was vending machines.  Do yourself a favor and pack a mini cooler with some sandwiches and snacks, both for you and your hubby.

Face wash I have been using this face wash for years and love it. If I go without it even for a day or two I can feel the difference in my skin.  It's one of my few products that I can't do without. Good thing it's only $4.

Chapstick This is my absolute favorite chapstick. There's nothing worse than having chapped lips and not having a chapstick!

Yoga Pants  A little more acceptable to be seen in than pajama pants, but just as comfy.  I've heard these are the best, but haven't ordered them yet.

Open cardigan Hospitals are always freezing, so packing a sweater is definitely a must.  This open style is good for nursing, and wrapping yourself up when visitors arrive :)

Nursing Cover It's a lot easier to throw on a nursing cover if guests arrive than to pray that a blanket stays put over your shoulder. That's a little too risky if you ask me. Pack one just in case!  My nursing covers are hand-me-downs, but i'd love to have this cute stylish one!

Friday, March 28, 2014

What is a Cervical Cerclage?

This post also could have been titled "more info than you ever, ever cared to know about a pretty embarrassing and private procedure."

But, if you're facing one yourself, hopefully you find this helpful!

For my surgery, I was scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 6:30 am for a 7:30 surgery time.
The worst part, I think, is the waiting. We waited to check in in OB Triage. Then we waited in a "room" (a bed with a curtain around it) for a nurse to come in and tell us what to do.  The waiting can really make you crazy and lets your worries get the best of you.

After I peed in a cup and got changed into my gown, we waited for the resident doctor, who looked to be younger than Kemi or I, to come in and practice on me with his list of awkward question after awkward question.

"When was your first period? Like, as a kid?"
"Do you have a history of STDs?"
"Do you feel safe at home?"
"Do you use, uh, recreational drugs?" (to this I obviously answered "no" to which he responded "cool.")

The two anesthesiologists came in and introduced themselves.  They both seemed very level headed and calm, and put me right at ease.

Then, finally, the surgeon came in, said good morning, and that as soon as everyone got things moving, we'd be in the OR.

Finally, I was wheeled back to the OR.  The nurses showed Kemi the waiting area, and I was on my own.  The nurses wheeled me to a station where we all suited up for the OR…as in, we all got hairnets.

They wheeled me in, and told me to move from the bed and sit on top of the OR table.  The anesthesiologist came in and explained how the spinal anesthetic would be administered.  I was most nervous for this part of the procedure, because I had heard it was pretty painful.  The nurse had me face her while I hugged a pillow and tried to roll my back into a curve.  The anesthesiologist was behind me and I braced myself for the big sting.

And nothing.

"Did you do it?" I asked.
"I'm already done," he said. "Your butt should be feeling warm and tingly any second now." And sure enough, as he said it, I started to feel like warm water was being poured down my butt and legs.  "I feel like I'm going to pee my pants" I said to the room.

This is where things get awkward.  Within a minute or two I couldn't feel my legs at all, or anything below my belly button.  Nurses lift your legs into stirrups that hang from the ceiling, and you are stuck there in the most awkward position of your life.  I looked around the room and counted heads. One surgeon, two anesthesiologists, four nurses, and three residents.  That's a lot of people looking at your what-nots under ginormous operating room lights.

The nurses had told me that during the procedure I'd feel a bit of pressure and be aware that they were doing something, but not feel any pain.  As the surgeon began the procedure though, I was thankful I couldn't feel anything. I had absolutely no feeling at all below my waist.

All in all, the entire procedure lasted about 15 minutes.  The nurses wheeled me down the hall and one of the nurses went to find Kemi.  We got settled into a recovery room where I was left to basically wait for feeling to return to my legs.
Staring at my feet, willing them to move again

 After a few hours I got up and tried to pee. The nurses said as soon as I was able to pee on my own, I could go home.  I tried to go, but was only able to pee a tiny amount. They brought in an ultrasound machine that scans the bladder for how many ounces remain. My bladder was super full, so they put in a straight catheter and drained 1000 cc's.  The next several hours involved me trying to pee, the ultrasound technician being called back in, telling me my bladder was still full, and to wait.

it wasn't too bad with this guy to keep me company.

We continued to wait for my bladder to "wake up" again from the anesthesia until after 6 pm.  By this time I was super annoyed.  We left the house at 5:45 am and I hadn't seen Evie all day.  I begged the nurses to let me go.  They finally called up the on-call OB who agreed, but only if I promised to come back in with any issues.  The concern was that if I developed a bladder infection it could possibly trigger labor. Not only that, but if my bladder was too full, it could rip my stitches or trigger contractions.  So it goes without saying I was pretty stressed.

The next day involved me measuring everything I drank against how many ounces I was peeing. It wasn't until today, two days post surgery, that I finally know everything is 100% back to normal.

I'm so thankful that we found things in time, and were able to have the cerclage before things progressed further and it was too late. Now we just continue to pray for this little one, and that we can make it the next five months! We know God has great things planned for this soul, and we can't wait to see what they are!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Around the Interwebs

Had zero inspiration for dinner tonight and no time to shop.  We had 1/2 a head of cauliflower in the fridge, and a quick google for "kid friendly cauliflower" yielded this awesome recipe. Everyone ate it. Success!

I just bought this sweet onesie for a going home from the hospital outfit. Isn't it a perfect boy or girl pattern?

Beautiful bracelet.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Letting Go

Yesterday we had our 18 week ultrasound to check up on how Baby #3 is coming along.  After a loooong ultrasound, we met with the perinatologist for a consultation.  He informed us that my cervix is not yet dilated, but is already shortened, much more than it should be this early in pregnancy.  He said untreated, my cervix will continue to dilate, shorten, and this pregnancy would result in another loss.

Our hearts sank.  There was a chance, until this afternoon, that this pregnancy would be as humdrum and routine as so many pregnancies are.  There was a chance that our loss of Celeste was a "one in a  million" and was not an indicator of a greater issue.

In seconds, this doctor had undone that hope.  We now learned that I did indeed have an "insufficient cervix," meaning my cervix is not strong enough to do what it's supposed to do and stay strong and closed throughout the pregnancy.

I felt such deep immediate sadness.   As soon as the doctor stepped out of the room, Kemi grabbed my hand. I could only stare out the window.  He wanted to know if I was ok. "I can't do it again." I told him. "I just can't bury another baby." I'm not strong. Definitely not strong enough for this, this painful path God keeps putting us on.  I felt a sinking feeling inside. Why would God allow me to have this issue? Why would He allow Kemi and I to stay up late at night, dreaming about the dozen babies we wanted to have, only to make it near impossible?

We went over the treatment options at length with the doctor.  He scheduled us for a cerclage next week, which is a surgery to sew closed my cervix. This will prevent it from dilating or shortening any further.  I'm also receiving weekly progesterone injections, and a second progesterone medication.

But you know what?

This. This makes it all worth it.

It's funny. When I was pregnant with Evie, I read every book on natural childbirth.  I had a two page birth plan detailing exactly how things were going to be, and was determined to give birth the old-fashioned way, the way my mom did, without so much as a Tylenol in sight.  And you know what? I did. And it was an incredible experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. This time around? The priorities have changed. Healthy baby, healthy mama.  That's it.  Weekly injections and being stitched closed sure wouldn't be part of my dream birth plan if it were up to me, but it's not.  All I can hope for is to make it to 37 weeks, and to deliver a healthy baby.  That's all I want.  It seems like God keeps directing me back to letting go, and reminding me that I'm not in control.  It's hard and painful but I know He is good all the time, and His plans for us are better than our own.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our Family Is Growing!

A few weeks ago Kemi and I announced that we are expecting our third babe in August!

We couldn't be more excited!

I am 17 weeks along now, and feeling really good! Entering into the second trimester has definitely brought more energy.

Since losing Celeste, we knew all subsequent pregnancies would be considered "high risk" and would mean a unique set of circumstances.  Having had a preterm labor, I am 50% more likely to have another.

With this pregnancy, we are under careful watch from our amazing doctor, which we are so thankful for. We're having frequent ultrasounds, and I'm on medication to prevent preterm labor as well.

Admittedly, it's been difficult to not have the same naivety I had when I was pregnant with Evie. The common cramps and aches of pregnancy that I didn't know to be anything but normal now make my heart jump and wonder if I'm experiencing contractions.  This time around, I find myself consciously telling myself to not get worked up over every little thing.

But, there is a certain sweetness too. Every ultrasound that shows me that tiny baby kicking and squirming brings tears to my eyes.  Every night I lay my head on my pillow and my hand on my belly and know there's still a baby growing in there makes me breathe a sigh of relief.  I feel so blessed to be carrying another soul.  No matter what happens, I am humbled that God allows us to participate with him in bringing this new life into the world.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Introduction to Stitch Fix, or How Corinna got her Groove Back

Having three pregnancies in two years has definitely changed my body since it's pre-baby days.  Recently especially, I have struggled with finding clothes that I feel good in and that fit my new shape.  I definitely have extra baby weight from Evie and Celeste, and now being 17 weeks pregnant, my body continues to change weekly!

Frump-Town, USA
Don't get me wrong-I am okay (most of the time!) with the marks that bearing three babies has left on me.  I know that someday, I can work on getting back to the shape I'd like to be in. After this little one is born, I can concentrate on becoming fit again and getting back to an exercise routine.  But for now, I have to follow doctor's orders (no gym!) and take it VERY easy this pregnancy. A healthy baby is the priority, and enjoying my free time with Evie before we become a family of four.

Note to self: stop with the grey sweater. And do your hair more.
With that said, I still have to get dressed everyday!  During the week at work, I wear jeans and school tee-shirts. Our dress code is very casual since we're working with kids each day. But come Sunday when I need to get dressed for church, I tear apart my closet trying to find something, anything that hangs right.  So many of my pre-Evie clothes just don't fit me anymore.  Forget fancier occasions like my upcoming school fundraiser, or a wedding. I am totally lost.  I'd love to have some casual-chic clothes I can wear to church, date nights, or to a meet a friend without feeling frumpy!

I recently found Stitch Fix, a monthly styling service for women. You fill out a style profile, with info on your style, sizes, and budget, and a personal stylist sends you five items handpicked uniquely based on your preferences.  There is a $20 styling fee, but you get to apply that to your first order. If you keep all five items, they knock 25% off. If you keep nothing, you lose your $20.  You are only charged for the items if you decide to keep them, otherwise you just mail them back.

I think one of the best things is you get to try on the items in the privacy of your own home.  I love that, because then you can try things on with your own shoes and accessories, to see if you'll really wear it or not.  I hate buying something and then realizing I need different shoes for it, or different pants, ya know? I love the concept! I have absolutely no time to shop---I would so much rather spend the little free time I have with Evie and Kemi. Usually when I go shopping it's because I have to find something for an occasion RIGHTNOW and it ends up being super stressful.  I'd love to just be able to choose one or two pieces I love each month, and over time, grow a new wardrobe of pieces that really work for me.

I also love that you don't get mailed a box each month unless you want one. There's no long term commitment, so you could just order a box when you feel like spicing up your wardrobe!

I think the items might be a little more than I'd usually spend (most of my clothes are from Gap sales) but if I do find something I absolutely LOVE, I think it's worth a little splurge. Besides, I just don't have the time to raid sales racks and try on dozens of things in hopes that something will fit.  If I find something that totally works on me and I love, I'm okay with spending a bit more.

My first Stitch Fix box will be arriving next month, and I can't wait to show you guys what's in it! I hope I love it! It's kind of fun to have a box of surprises to look forward to, don't you think?