Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In my hospital bag, the second time around

I thought it might be fun to compile a list of the items I'm making sure to bring with me in my hospital bag the second time around.  I think a lot of us first time mamas overpack for the delivery, and I wanted to give you the scoop on what I am making sure not to forget.  This isn't a complete packing list, just the items that I know I don't want to leave home without.  Hopefully you remember all the obvious stuff like your toothbrush!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter  This stuff is a miracle. I brought it with me when I delivered Evie and used it after every feeding from day one and never had an issue with chapped or bleeding nipples.  I swear by using it preventatively.

Going Home Outfit for baby  Since we don't know what we're having this time around, I thought this little bumblebee print was pretty cute! I'm still debating if I'll pack some little footed pants to go with it. We're due at the end of August, but it might be cold in the hospital too…but baby will probably be constantly swaddled, so we'll see.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets  We got a set of these before Evie was born, and since they're now her beloved blankies that go everywhere with her, we definitely are going to need a second set for the new baby.  I like this grey color since we don't know what we're having, and hopefully they're different enough from Evie's that she'll keep her paws off them and not add them to her stash ;)

Granny Panties Throw-away undies are key to being comfortable post-delivery. If you don't bring comfy panties, the hospital will give you weird mesh ones that will constantly be falling off of you. Do yourself a favor and bring cheap granny panties that you can throw away after you get home.

Pads  You will definitely need pads for a few days post-delivery, and the pads the hospital provides are ENORMOUS and really bulky.  Pack your favorite brand/size and you'll be much more comfortable.

Snacks You never know going into the hospital how many hours you'll be in labor or what time the baby will be born.  Evie was born at 3:26 am and once she was born and they got us settled in our room, I realized I was STARVING! I was famished from the hard work of labor and wanted a giant cheeseburger.  Unfortunately, the cafeteria was closed, so our only option was vending machines.  Do yourself a favor and pack a mini cooler with some sandwiches and snacks, both for you and your hubby.

Face wash I have been using this face wash for years and love it. If I go without it even for a day or two I can feel the difference in my skin.  It's one of my few products that I can't do without. Good thing it's only $4.

Chapstick This is my absolute favorite chapstick. There's nothing worse than having chapped lips and not having a chapstick!

Yoga Pants  A little more acceptable to be seen in than pajama pants, but just as comfy.  I've heard these are the best, but haven't ordered them yet.

Open cardigan Hospitals are always freezing, so packing a sweater is definitely a must.  This open style is good for nursing, and wrapping yourself up when visitors arrive :)

Nursing Cover It's a lot easier to throw on a nursing cover if guests arrive than to pray that a blanket stays put over your shoulder. That's a little too risky if you ask me. Pack one just in case!  My nursing covers are hand-me-downs, but i'd love to have this cute stylish one!


  1. Great list! I had most of this on mine too! I actually had a whole separate bag of snacks ๐Ÿ˜Š I would also add rice bags that you can heat or cool. I had them all prepped and made up and left them at home! I was so bummed!

  2. Good idea for the rice bags! I've made those before but didn't even think of using them for labor! Duh!

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  4. Not sure if my previous post went through, so I'll try again :) I am so happy you posted this list! I want to treat my daughter in law to a nursing cover and for the life of me I could not remember the name of the company! She is due about the same time as you and Kemi! Also, do you have any suggestions on an organic (preferably) body butter/lotion to help avoid stretch marks?