Monday, May 5, 2014

Currently. {Vol. 2}

Thinking about: This little one in my belly. I keep trying to predict when this one will be here, what it will look like, boy or girl, etc. We made the mistake of telling Evie our "boy name" and our "girl name" and now she refuses to call the baby anything but the "boy name." She'll be very confused if this little one is in fact a lady baby.

Reading: One Thousands Gifts. Still. It's been on my nightstand for awhile and I'm not finding as much time for it as I'd like.  I LOVE this book though! If you haven't' read it, I highly recommend it.
Listening to: Raffi and Evie's personalized Elmo CD. Yes, personalized. It says "Evie" about a hundred times a song and she is totally delighted by it. We are not allowed to listen to ANYTHING else in the car.

Watching: "About a Boy." Have you guys seen it? Kemi and I just picked it up and it's pretty funny!
Thankful for: I've had a pretty tumultuous couple of weeks, business-wise. The amazing thing about hard times is how sweet it makes the good times. I'm thankful right now for friends and family who rally you and stand behind you, especially Kemi. We have had some late nights the past few weeks, talking big-picture talks, and I am so thankful to have him as my partner in this crazy life.


  1. I just finished One Thousand Gifts… I have so many different thoughts and feelings about that book. It is definitely a book to be savored. I have loved it too!

  2. Your daughter is so adorable! Congrats on the growing baby boy or girl!!