Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Evie Lately

Oh This One. It's funny how little I accurately predicted about Evie when she was born. I had her pegged as a soft, gentle, quiet little lady.  In reality, our newly-two year old is as fiery as they come. I love her sweet sass and nutty personality.

Playing in water has been #1 on your list lately.   It's the fastest way to get you out of a crabby mood, and you could sit and pour water and splash for hours.

You LOVE restaurants. At the mention of going to a restaurant you hurry to clean up your toys, run and find your shoes and shout "ready!" You could sit in a restaurant for hours and you never want to leave once we're done eating.  And you reallllly love your "sparkle water."
You've just recently gotten interested in playing with dolls, and I love to see how sweet you are with them.  You'll be a great big sister soon!

We gave you a little backpack for your birthday, and suddenly you look too big! Seeing you wear your tiny backpack breaks my heart. I'm already picturing your first day of Kindergarten and know I'll be the only one crying.

Watermelon is pretty much your main food source these days.  You can't get enough.

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